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  1. will it start or turnover by bypassing the starter solenoid at the starter?
  2. I don't mean to make light of the situation, but everyone needs a laugh. I haven't stopped chuckling since I say it yesterday. If anything, it gives me options when my TP runs out. Enjoy, I apologize if the video offends anyone, but especially during these crazy times we NEED to smile. God bless! Nature's Bidet.
  3. I finally installed a on/off/auto switch for my A/C. I get tired of the compressor cycling on and off while the truck is idling and now I have control of what vent selection it is on and off. While I was at it I decided to put in a switch for my lift pump. It is only used for priming and I didn't like the idea of the hobbs switch. I had no control and no indication if it was on. So, I simply disconnected the wires from the hobbs switch and installed an illuminated toggle switch. I didn't want to drill holes in the dash, bezel or anything else so I made a bracket and it attaches on 2 exist
  4. I once looked at going with extensions on mine but opted out due to worrying about a leaky connection. I usually have one of my sons help me when I check tire pressure. But, I do like to pull the rears every now and then just to make sure they don't build up a rust ring. They become super hard to remove when rust builds up.
  5. While there is so much uncertainty at the national and international levels, hopefully there are great things going on near you and that you have the opportunity to see those things. There are so many fantastic people in my local community trying to do their best and volunteering their time and talents to help those around me. It is easy to get discouraged by the negative things in the media, but I have so much hope of great things to come. Confusing and perilous times have been prophesized about. Ours is not the only time in history that have been contentious. The apostles Paul and John
  6. The HVAC box really isn't bad to pull, and it will be worth it because everything will be easier to work on.
  7. Are you getting airflow through the vents? I had a big issue with low airflow and my HVAC box was full of so much that air couldn't pass through. You could remove the squirrel cage and get an idea of how it looks inside-stick your phone up there are record video. Last winter I pulled my HVAC box, that was the best repair I have done to my truck. I replaced the heater core, AC evaporator, squirrel cage, and the resistor. I installed the heater treater piece, but mine was still in good shape.
  8. That is correct. The AC doesn't kick on when in floor only or face only. I believe what you are describing is correct.
  9. Is it getting fuel past the IP? Loosed the fuel lines going into the head to see if fuel is coming out.
  10. Check for fault codes. Make sure that it is getting fuel. You can crack your fuel lines going into the head to make sure that you have fuel there. Search for the procedure to hot wire your VP, that will take a lot of problems out of the equation. I would start with the codes and fuel.
  11. Hawkez


  12. If you do decide to put a bottle on it to catch any dripping, just make sure it vents. If it is sealed up tight, you will prevent the crankcase from venting and can cause other damage and likely more leaks.
  13. Lots of things that can cause poor mileage. Tire pressure, tire size, air filter, dragging brakes. Do you have a EGT gauge? If so, are your EGTs high while driving?
  14. This is what I used. They fit and work fine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BF6HWFY/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used the 5.25" for the rear with no issues.
  15. I bought inexpensive speakers off Amazon, I don't remember the brand. They are better than what I had.
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