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  1. Very nice. If my welding prowess were better I might attempt a job like this.
  2. I was able to reuse most of the plastic fasteners. A few did break. If you take your time and have something to help pry it apart you will be just fine.
  3. I bought a bunch of the plastic door clips off Amazon. I still have quite a few, I can send you some if you are in need.
  4. You could hot wire your IP, that would take the ECM and everything else out of the equation. If it still runs rough and cuts out with the IP hotwired you would know that the problem in not in the ECM. However, you WTS light flashing is indicative of ECM problems. I would think that if your ECM was on its way out that you would have more faults that than just those. Your ECM may be bad and your VP44 may be on borrowed time as well. Like was suggested before, you could call places that repair ECMs and see what they say. I would hate to see you throw money at an ECM only to find out that you overlooked something.
  5. I did this a couple of years ago to my truck. i put aftermarket speakers in and it is fairly easy. I will try to dig up the post and you can see the pictures how I connected everything. Here is the post that I made with pictures. It is pretty straight forward. I did make a mistake and left my pillar tweeters out on my first attempt. I did have to go back in and rework that but that is mentioned in the post. Hopefully this helps.
  6. I would start with the codes that you can pull with a scanner and not just depend on the key trick.
  7. I would certainly troubleshoot some more. If you send your ECM in you'll need to know the codes. Get a scanner and get the codes. There are troubleshooting tables on this site that you can run for each code. I would at least start there.
  8. I don't know how many you could sale. I'd buy one, but that doesn't make it worth your while.
  9. Good for you. I hope it works out for you. It would be cool to get some M1973M Yeti cups for sale on the site. Rather than buying Yeti I have bought several RTIC (made in the same Chinese factory as YETI for half the price) and I drink out of it everyday.
  10. I started using Bergers last year for my .300 win mag. I had used Hornady and Noslers. The Bergers that I used increased my consistency and they tightened my groupings. They are pricey, I had a friend give me some to try. I wish these bullet manufacturers would sell bullets in smaller quantities. I don't always want to buy a box o 50, it would be nice to buy them in smaller groups before I commit to 50....but that is just my rant.
  11. I only needed a 1ft extension to get to the overhead console. I don't know if the high idle cable differ in length, but that is all I need to make it fit.
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