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  1. how much gasoline in a take will start to cause problems? 1 gallon in 33 doesn't sound like much, but I imagine that it would still cause problems. Is the fix to drain the tank and refil?
  2. I did my driver's side cushion last year. It was pretty easy to do.
  3. I installed a test port as well. Another added bonus is that I can bleed air from there after changing the fuel filter. I don't have to crank nearly as long.
  4. Is the code still present? You certainly need to upgrade your lift pump. Are the RMPs jumping when it is sitting idle. It is odd that it is stalling when you push the clutch in, is this as you are traveling down the road or sitting still?
  5. Hawkez

    Buying a rolled over truck.

    It depends on what you plan doing with it. Is there something in that truck that you want or are you wanting to part it out and hope to recoup your money?
  6. Hawkez

    Extended crank to start

    I would look into it losing prime somewhere
  7. Hawkez

    Alternator & PCM failure

    I'm very sorry for your losses in the fire, I can't imagine going through that. Are you able to salvage anything? I certainly hope that you are able to pick up pieces and move forward.
  8. Go back through everything that you installed and tinkered with. If it happened after installing gauges I am willing to bet that the problems lies in there. Check all of your wiring connections, look for pinched wires and something that got smashed or shorted during the install. If you can't find anything maybe unhook the gauges to see if it is something internal to them. Are you just visually checking fuses? I would check them for actual continuity to make sure that they are good.
  9. Hawkez

    Gremlin overload!

    Make sure you battery cables are tight. I once had something similar, after cleaning the battery posts I put the cables back on but forgot to tighten them down. The problem was intermittent and didn't begin until days after.
  10. Hawkez

    Towing without gauges

    I had the same problem a few years ago. I flushed the coolant and pulled the radiator and found it was caked with oil/grime and everything else. I soaked it in degreaser and sprayed it off with a pressure washer and it was good after that. Easy fix. If your truck is overheating on steep climbs now it will only get worse and eventually it will leave you stranded.
  11. Hawkez

    Running Cool

    I pulled it and looked at it last night. The rubber has not separate and I didn't notice any debris. I reseated it today and I'll take it for a spin around to see if the problem continues. If so, I replace this T-Stat. Replacing the heater core went really well. The new core didn't come with the weather stripping that the old one had, so I put some on it. Did you pull your HVAC box?
  12. This week I installed a new heater core and with that I flushed the radiator, installed a new thermostat and radiator cap. I pulled the radiator while I had it empty to inspect it for blockages and it looks great. Before I took it apart it was starting to run a little warmer then usual especially when under a heavy load, but it never overheated.. I had suspected that the thermostat was going bad. I put 50 miles on it after flushing it and changing those parts and the temp held steady and nothing was out of the norm. Until I drove home last night. On the freeway the temp sat at around 160*. That is after it warmed up to just above 190*, then it dropped down and sat there steady. If I got on the accelerator it would rise to 190*. Maybe I got a bad thermostat? It is a 190* thermostat from Napa. I'm not sure what else would cause this, would air in the system be the cause? I've never had a car or truck run cool like this. The outside temp was 50*, so nothing strange. The thermostat that I put in had a rubber ring that sat around the thermostat, the old one didn't have anything like that...
  13. Hawkez

    Power Door Locks

    Maybe pull the door panel off and take a look, if you can hear the motor running but nothing happens there may be something visual. The door panels are easy to remove. Why would anyone not like power locks?