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  1. I will not be home to see my truck til Tuesday so I will send whatever pics are needed then. So if my gauge is reading 0 psi, would you say that my gauge has most likely just stopped working? I have three gauges all mounted in the same bracket, the other two have good numbers so idk what’s going on with my pressure. I’m hoping just a loose wire or something along those lines
  2. I’m not sure, I’ll lyk as soon as I can though. I can turn up the pressure by using an Allen wrench?
  3. Do you guys think that 33x12.5 tires would be too big? Stock tires: 31.6x10.4 (ones in question): 33x12.5 My liftpump if you look to the far right, where the picture ends and the tube goes out of frame you can see a small drip. What does this mean and how can it be fixed? Could this be causing my fuel pressure to be low? I don’t have two filters
  4. Where can I get one and how do I use it? What is the price of one? I have a raptor 4g lift pump. What are 1/2 fuel lines?
  5. So it’s a possibility I have no fuel pressure at all? Even though it’s running?
  6. Be careful. You might possibly alter the final gear and create issues. Very common problem people want the truck to look cool. Put bigger wheels and tires on foul the final ratio up and end up with high EGT's, lower MPG's, and front axle issues. I just got off the phone with another gent just put 37 inch tires on and complaining off super high EGT's and extremely low MPG's and asking how to fix it. I hate to say it but change the gearing in the axle to 4.10 before changing to larger tires! Optimal final ratio should be 3.55 to 3.73 to the ground.  Being such the newb to mechanics I am, I don’t even know what egts are, but I will google that right now. Alright, so let’s say I just go slightly larger on the tires, and I mean just slightly. Will this still need regearing? If so that is fine, as I am planning on going much larger down the road and already have getting it regeard on my long and expensive list of things to do. Even if the tires are not much bigger? I know this is probably a discussion for the drive train part of the forum, so I can ask over there if you’d rather me do that, but in order to prepare my truck for about 400 hp, what modifications to the tranny will be necessary? Once again I really don’t want to do this until later that’s why I’m not planning on putting much larger tires on, just larger rims and smaller tires, but just asking. I have a transmission temp gauge, pressure gauge, and exhaustion temp gauge. For some reason my fuel pressure gauge doesn’t seem to want to work. I mean sometimes it’ll work but a lot of times it’s just at 0. How do I fix this?
  7. Ok, I undersatand. Tbh, I’m not very concerned about speed at the moment. Definitely later on down the road but if I try to look at all the things I need to do down the road it’s just extremely overwhelming, so I’m just trying to focus on one thing at a time. That being said, right now I just want to put on some nice wheels and tires, then after that task is done My next goal is preparing the transmission for about 400 hp. But first of all I want to make sure my truck is solid mechanically, this is hard for me to do by my self though knowing nothing about mechanics.
  8. My apologies for taking so long to reply, it said I reached the maximum number of posts. That would be great, only problem is Idaho is not very close at all to Pennsylvania Looks very good. What did you do in preparation to run tires of this size And what would these things be? Truck looks good. I just want something that stands out a little more, ya know? So what exactly do you mean by “stages”?
  9. I completely agree with you. No point of having nice wheels and tires if the truck don’t run. I just don’t know what do do with the mechanical side, nothing seems to be wrong with it. I just wish there was a place I could take it to where they could do a run through and honestly tell me if there’s anything wrong with it. A little about my self, I’m 16 years old and have never been around any types of mechanics. For some unknown reason I fell in love with second gens and some how convinced my parents to help me out in getting one. I’ve been busting my butt working almost everyday of the week just so I have money for my truck. I finally have some set aside and just want to make it look a little nice. So as I’m sure you can imagine, this is a completely new world to me and I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.
  10. I’m honestly confused with the tire measurements. Sometimes I’ll hear people say “33s” and other times I’ll see people say out three numbers like 300 50 20. What does all this mean? I’m pretty sure that the last number matches up with the diameter of the wheels, but past that I’m confused. Yeah, I have some money saved up strictly for the truck Incase something goes wrong, now I have a little extra and am ready to start doing some stuff to it. I just want some different wheels that add a little bit of width to the truck. Nothing too crazy, I just like the wide look.
  11. Oh gotcha. I understand. I’m just tired of running stock wheels and want something new. I know there’s tons of issues that may arise and I am prepared for that, I just figure I’ll take it one day at a time and worry about those when the time comes.
  12. Oh my 😂 Dash is new, and I have a brand new raptor 4g lift pump. What problems occur with the heatercore and injectors?
  13. I have asked questions on here before, but now as I have some money saved up I am ready to spend a little on my truck and have a question to ask, that will most likely lead to 100 other questions. To start off with, I have a 2001 24 valve that just hit 194000 miles. I bought the truck completely stock performance wise other than an edge comp box, and have done nothing to it since. The only issues with the truck that I know of is the transmission pan seems to have a leak, which I believe I can easily fix by replacing the gasket, and I have a broken sway at bushing, but I have asked about this before and some people on here have said that they completely removed their sway bar and have no issues and as I have been driving the truck for a few months with a broken bushing I am not very concerned about it, unless you guys think I should be. So enough with all the back ground, my main thing is: I’m tired of running these stock wheels, I want something a little different. I was think about going with 20x12 and possibly 305 50 tires. What I don’t want to do is anything to the truck. Is this an ok move or do you guys believe this is a completely stupid move to put these wheels and tires on my truck with 0 modifications to the truck and stock suspension and steering. I don’t want to do something that will ruin my truck but would also love to put these on my truck. If there is something that needs to be done in order to put these on my truck, what would you guys recommend doing first? Thank you in advance, and recommendations and comments are much appreciated, and please keep in mind I have no experience with any sort of mechanics so this is all a learning experience, so if you do reply to me, expect many questions 😂
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  15. Sorry to here you were in the hospital, hope all is well. So when I do plan on getting this done, it seems like the best option would be 4.10s, and rebuild practically the whole front end with dor parts? So then if I get it referred to 4.10 will this gauruntee I’m in this range? What even is gear ratio and what does it do?
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