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  1. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Ya for sure. Being the one that does 95% of the work on my truck, i like to take it easy on it an keep my repair/maintanance time to a minimum I dont plan on ever getting rid of the truck even if it does get retired to farm truck. I just really wanna see how many kms i can get out of it. Got it with 285,xxxkms on it
  2. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Its a dually too which isnt too bad. Mgs are a lil lower now, between 18-21 rite now with aggressive winter tires on(no studs). 60psi in front, 50psi in rears. I run the Toyo M55s in summer(stock 1 ton size). Thats when im seeing more low to mid 20 mpgs!
  3. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Sry meant to say 24.6 mpgs is my BEST mpgs ive seen on my truck. Its in the lower twenties now. I usually reset the mpg gauge every fill up. I drive around with a pretty light foot;) Dont race around or smoke ppl out too much lol. Love these truck for there power an mpgs!! The odometer is kmh. Then the fuel consumption is in mpg. Mpg just makes a lil more sense to me than liters per 100km or whatever it is lol. I can change in between stnd/mtric units on the overhead display on my truck so thats on US Standard, then my odo is Metric
  4. Just hit 490,000kms on the 2001 ram an still running strong. Its my daily driver/work truck. Do some average hauling(5K-8K Lbs) from time to time. I know thats not an extreme amount of kms an the truck is under worked a lot( getting groceries, sunday cruises, ect!) lol. Just curious how many kms/miles everyone has on there trucks. Average mpg is 24.6, mix of town an hwy driving (no load)
  5. Injector line leak

    Ok thnx. Ya sounds good
  6. Injector line leak

    Ok the “quick fix” seems to b holding up. No leaks this morning an truck fired rite up first try, no hesitation or anything. See how long it lasts i guess. Gotta order the new line when get paid
  7. Injector line leak

    Ok, will do. No problem
  8. Injector line leak

    Ok 015point9 i’ll keep that in mind. Not sure how soon itl be but i’ll let you know
  9. Injector line leak

    Ok sealant tape seems to be holding up so far. Taped it up an have been out driving around for about 45 mins or so. Everything looks dry still. An actually seems to b running a touch smoother. I dunno if its just me or not lol Will see how it starts in the morning. If takes a second try to start then its still leaking or the “fix” was pointless.
  10. Injector line leak

    Ok good to know. Ya im looking at ordering from ebay. Seems to be the best deal
  11. Injector line leak

    Ok thnx. Ya i was thinking of replacing all the injector lines, but gets pricy! Just gonna order line #6 soon. Thats the only one that is leaking. Thnx for the input. I’ll try some sealant tape for now an see how it works
  12. I have a small leak on injector line #6 rite where it connects to the injector tube. It looks like the threads are leaking a small amout. But enough that when it sits for a bit it usually doesnt start first time. Like it has to prime itself again, but starts no problem an runs fine after that. Im looking to replace the line soon. Just wondering if anyone has tried some thread sealer tape to quick fix the problem?! Just wondering if its worth the time to do the quick fix or if it even works
  13. Thank you. Theres a lot of good stuff there!
  14. Would there be any tell tale signs that would suggest that?! Just sux doin all that work removing/installing pump. An now im not sure if the pump is warrantable any more. Work was done last summer. Would have to look at invoice to see
  15. Ok thanks for the input. Makes sense. No im not running that setup anymore. Wanted to know if it was safe at all before trying again. An since the hp/mpg gains are so minimal its not worth it. Its just my daily driver/work truck. Thanks again Its just weird that i had that smarty lvl9 with comp 5x5 for so long with no issues on old pump!?