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  1. DieselD24

    My Baby Is Gone!!

    Thanks for posting on there stodg73 as I am not a member of that forum. Really do appreciate it. Well, it's a good thing I haven't purchased my friends 9mm yet. I probably would have gone out head hunting. I felt so disrespected... It's unexplainable, the feeling. Especially to have something you really care about just taken from you like that. I don't know why I haven't done this but one of my friends uncle has a camera on each pillar of his range rover. He has it setup somehow to where if the key isnt in the ignition and the door is opened it starts recording. That would be an awesome thing to do. Can you imagine thieves going "Why isn't this thing starting?" doing every possible thing to start it. Little do they know they need the cigarette lighter to start it. That wuld be awesome!! Plug in the cigarette lighter, you freakin' Douchebag!
  2. DieselD24

    My Baby Is Gone!!

    That's the weird part. There's no evidence of broken glass, or anything. One thing is for sure; I won't retrieve it with wheels on it. Hate is a pretty big word, and I can honestly say I hate thieves, and I hate the person who only wishes to have what I have and will go as far as stealing shi* to get it. I don't understand... why couldn't he have asked for the wheels, stereo, engine, or whatever he wants. I would have politely said "sure!"... Freakin' douchebags!
  3. DieselD24

    My Baby Is Gone!!

    Yes. It's the one in my profile picture. I agree, I could have seriously murked someone when I first realized my truck was gone. Maybe It's the Honda thieves; maybe they need a truck with balls to pull their stupid little ricer cars. I seriously don't know what I would do If I found out who it was. Yea, i was thinking about doing that. I'm more worried because I had important information in there containing bank information and my social security number. I don't even know who to contact about this. You seriously should while you have the chance. I'd hate to see another one of our members see their truck gone.
  4. DieselD24

    My Baby Is Gone!!

    I'm so pissed off right now!! I get home from work and realize my truck is not where I last parked it. I run in the house hoping to see my extra key gone and maybe my brother has it, or my mom or my dad. To my misfortune, they are here... I filed a police report and now sit here and wonder, where could it be and who's the *ucking slob that has my truck!! That truck was my everything, I just hope I get her back in one piece...
  5. That explains why I have such shi**y mileage.
  6. DieselD24

    Cougar 304BHS dual slid outs For Sale

    Man, that thing is nice! Why not just fix it? If the plumbing on those things is anything like coach busses it should not be hard to fix? Does it have a Webasto?
  7. DieselD24

    Fuel prices thread...

    Cheapest diesel I found was at $4.03. Gassers still got us beat in the denver area @ $3.61 for 85. What a joy if diesel was $3.61.
  8. DieselD24

    High Idle Fooler Set-Up for Sale!!

    That is pretty cool. I'll have to try that sometime. I rarely ever let it run after I drive... One thing I noticed one time was I accidentally flipped on the 3 cylinder switch when it was already in high idle mode. As soon as I flipped on the 3 cylinder switch it turned on the 3 cylinder immediately. So, if you ever wanna turn on the 3 cylinder high idle when already in high idle mode, just flip the switch. But it will remain in 3 cylinder mode even after flippin the switch off.
  9. The hub/bearing have been replaced before? there was anti-seize on them?
  10. That's good to hear man. Glad you were able to take them out. Hope they last you a long time!
  11. I used a 1/2" drive extension with the 14mm 12 point socket on the bolt. The trick is to take off the bolts and use one with the extension and socket of course to wedge it against the frame as you turn the wheel. Wedge the extension slightly by giving it slight tugs in order to break it free. Do this by swapping out the bolt to every threaded hole of the hub for every 1/4 of a tug as it's starting to slowly come out. I made the mistake of only backing out the bolts halfway and leaving them on there as I wedged the extension each time. My dad noticed them on there and said "stop what you're doing, your gonna stretch out those threads". If it weren't for him, I would have probably damaged those bolts. I completely forgot about them. Once you start to drive it out as your wedging it out it'll come out very easily. Hope this helps. --- Update to the previous post... How is the repair going?
  12. I got that same exact hub/bearing your talking about last week. It comes with an integrated ABS sensor. Mine was the same price for the same brand. After everything was said and done, I paid $180 for it. Made for installing it way much easier, and took only about 15 minutes then slappin the brakes and wheel on right after.
  13. DieselD24

    High Idle Fooler Set-Up for Sale!!

    It's a cool feature to have but it works out well for me since I live in crazy changing climates. Weather changes like crazy everyday. Hot one minute, then cold the next.
  14. DieselD24

    High Idle Fooler Set-Up for Sale!!

    This thing is awesome, I love it! I still use it, it snowed here lastnight.
  15. DieselD24

    Front wheel bearings

    Alright, someting is going on and I don't like it. Yesterday, I went over to a friends house to clear the codes on my truck. He plugged in and his scanner said the truck didn't have any codes. We plugged and unplugged about three times till I finally said just clear the codes anyway, as if there were. He did and to my surprise the codes got cleared. So today when I got home from work, I decided to cycle the ignition three times to see if any codes would pop up. Amazingly yes, and the same codes I had before were yet again present. My ABS and Brake lights aren't on anymore, but I'm still getting the P0500 and P1693 DTC's. Running the truck for however long to clear the codes isn't going to work because I have already cleared them and have the same re-ocurring issue; I would assume that's out of the question. Could the problem lie on the passenger side hub/bearing/sensor? But if that was so, wouldn't I also have an ABS and Brake light issue like previously before? What do you guys think problem is here? What am I missing or doing wrong?