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  1. Good excuse to get one... lolsent from my Commando while eating, shaving and driving.
  2. Google obd2 blue tooth devices and the "torque" android app. Got one for Christmas, works great. Helluva lot cheaper than a scan tool.sent from my Commando while eating, shaving and driving.
  3. The old I-6 300hp Mack engines would do it easily. Wouldn't hurt anything as long as you shut it down right away.
  4. Don't know if you can tell from the pic but the cornersof the trailer are cut back really deep.
  5. Maybe I'm slow but I'm trying to figure out exactly what your trying to figure out. Are you looking at new trailers? If so there's a metric butt ton of trailers out there that will allow you almost a full 90 deg without a slider (like mine). Center of my kingpin is 37" from the cab. With the long pinbox and scalloped corners I can go almost 90 degrees. --- Update to the previous post... Extended pin boxes only work on trailers with scalloped corners. They push the trailer back while turning to align the scalloped part so it can clear the cab.
  6. I'll be damned, the new key works and I didn't need 2 keys to program it. Thanks for the help.
  7. tow haul on a 05 holds gears longer before up shifting and downshifts sooner while braking.....that's pretty much it.
  8. Some say change the o.d. solenoid, some say change the pressure transducer. I only changed the governor pressure solenoid and my trans now shifts like butter. I got mine from transmissionpartsusa. It looks different than OEM but I don't believe it's the Borg Warner.
  9. Is the camper level? If not the water could build up and not drain.
  10. On my 3rd tank of 2 cycle oil. Mix 16oz per fill up. Don't know about MPG's cause I've drastically changed my driving habits due to the price of fuel.....I can't remember the last time I heard my turbo whistle:cool:. I will say the noise reduction is amazing.
  11. I did this a couple weeks ago. Just dropped the pan and changed filter. Don't need a pan gasket, they're reusable (says so on the pan) Needed 6 qts of atf +4 (autozone brand) to refill it. I also replaced the governor pressure solenoid. Your the same scubieman from FRF right?
  12. I could do a write up but I just used a cut-n-paste from manual I found on CF. The tranny was serviced by the dealer when I bought the truck > 10k miles ago, they bands should have been done then. I had everything to do the bands but opted to leave them alone. I've never felt anything that even resembles a slip....even with 12k of trailer behind me. If it's not broke, don't fix it:cool:. I ordered the solenoid from transmissionpartsusa.com, it was around $45. Don't know who makes it but it didn't look like the one I took out, the actual solenoid part looked different.
  13. Annoying 1-2, 2-3 shuttle shift fixed. Such a simple fix. Tranny shifts smooth as glass, I can't believe it:hyper:
  14. I've heard of weak batteries causing all kinds of havoc on these trucks.
  15. Any other symptoms? Smoke? Fuel in oil? Are your heaters working? Have you changed your filter since it became hard to start?
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