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  1. bjytech

    Engine rebuild

    For a shop to do it with pulling and installing the motor, all genuine Cummins parts, new oil pump, water pump pistons, block and head machine work, etc it's not that far off, maybe a little high but right around $10k parts and labor is my experience doing them.
  2. bjytech

    Pinion seal

    Have you cleaned out the axle vent? The axle vent being clogged is one of the main things I find that cause pinion seals to leak.
  3. bjytech


    Delivery valve holder is what you seem to be referring to, any fuel shop should be able to get them from Bosch.
  4. It all depends on what governor it has on it really, but the majority of the ones in off-road equipment use a AG governor instead of the automotive governor you would want.
  5. bjytech

    Tuning out smoke

    I would start by tightening the star wheel up till it gets to where it doesn't smoke at full throttle and gives good throttle response as the boost comes up, if once you get the smoke tuned out it seems like it needs to fuel quicker to full throttle you'll need to put a softer spring in with the statement. Bumping your timing up to 15 or 16 degrees would help too since you have bigger injectors now. What's your boost get up to now?
  6. Back when I did the head gasket on my truck I installed mighty diesel head bolts and used their recommend torque procedure and I never had a problem with them, they kept everything together nicely at 18° timing seeing 50psi+ of boost and making just under 500hp and they held the 4 times I pulled a sled down the track with them. The first time I pulled was what caused me to have to do my headgasket job... it lifted the head a bit on the stock bolts at factory torque
  7. Honestly that spot is notorious for leaking on the 12v's and is 99% of the time just the head gasket itself. Sounds like you have a solid plan for doing it just pull the head and get it checked and resurfaced if it needs it.
  8. bjytech

    Fuel problem?

    Sorry it took me so long to post a update, been really busy working. I went and looked at everything on this truck today and the fuel pump was working as it should, and the truck idled fine but sputtered from a lack of fuel with any throttle, he didn't know when the fuel filter was last changed so I got one and put it in and she runs good now, problem solved. I also checked for AC noise from the alternator while I was there to make sure it wasn't doing anything and it was less than .06v
  9. bjytech

    Fuel problem?

    Thanks for all the great input guys, I'll call him today and get some more info and see about going to check the truck out myself.
  10. I had a guy call me today that has been having some trouble with his 24v and I wanted to see what the experts here have to say about it. Here is a rundown of what I know about his issues. A few months back he told me he was having a dead pedal issue and the shop the truck was at replaced the apps and it still did it so then they ended replacing the vp44 and lift pump. Now the current problem he has is the lift pump runs when you turn the key on but then once the truck is started it seems the lift pump shuts off and the engine will start stumbling and smoking. I'm almost thinking it could be a problem in the ECM but I really hope for him that it's not.
  11. Price seems a little high to me unless it is in really nice shape. Also for leathermaneod 5 hole injectors are the standard on 12v's there are some guys making 7 hole injectors for them but the majority of the injectors are 5 hole.
  12. bjytech

    NV4500 Questions

    PJ is a good guy to deal with, I got a trans from him when mine had a washer go through the 5th gears. It was cheaper for me to get one from him than for me to buy just the parts to fix mine, plus since I'm local he dropped it off to me that night and picked up my core.
  13. bjytech

    NV4500 Questions

    Top covers will swap right over just probably have to swap shifters aswell, The problem could also be caused by the synchro keys under the sliding clutch for 3rd/4th. about 2 years ago I had trouble with my nv4500 where it would stick in reverse and I found that my problem was the 5th/reverse synchro keys.
  14. bjytech

    Questions about Ubuntu

    Just a little tidbit here, Chromium is actually the "parent" to Chrome, both are by google but Chromium is open source and chrome has closed source code added in for much better functionality with flash, web video, etc...
  15. bjytech

    inexpensive borescope

    From what I've found on this camera it is only does VGA (640x480) and does NOT do 1.3mp or 720P like it claims where there getting the claim of it being a HD camera I don't know.