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  1. I don’t have that issue, but what type of bulb do you have, my headlights are led and they do/did it
  2. Figured it out, but can’t figure out how to delete this post aswell as a few others I have.
  3. Alright, a lot has happened with the truck since I last commented on here. My truck is a 1998.5 slt Laramie(I have the pull out headlight switch), everything I read online says it comes with foglight wiring. I bought a set of 4 led pods, 2 fog light relays(as my PDC had the slots and 12v power running to them, I used a test light to check for power) I installed the 10amp fuse for the drl lamp spot as it was missing for some reason but was also hot. My trick has a plug in the center underneath the radiator. I went to the salvage yard and found a truck with some foglight wiring but it was 2 prong plug, and I found a truck with a 3 prong plug like mine but just the plug as the wires had been cut. I know I can just run them to the battery and then to a switch, but I want it to be as factory as possible. The 1998 foglight/airbag switch is discontinued so I was going to try and wire my low beam power to the relay which would then send power to the foglights when low beams are on. So my question is, is this 3 prong plug correct or am i SOL? And if it is correct what other fuses/relays do I need to install in PDC or fuse label in cab to send power to fog lights while low beams are on. I know I would have to splice atleast 1 set of wires.
  4. About a year ago, around this time actually, I ordered a Cummins chrome and black C for my grille. I had the option for an aluminum polished silver that was a bolt in version for $57 or so. So I decided to get the $30ish dollar one figuring I wouldn’t need another one. Well I swapped grilles and searched far and wide for about 2 hours straight for this polished aluminum badge. I can only find 1 black anodized led emblem on eBay that doesn’t fit good. I am wanting the original polished aluminum with black inlay chrome badge I wanted last year. I provided these pictures for reference.
  5. Hello! I have purchased the normal chrome and black Cummins C grill emblem stick in before. Whenever I purchased it I figured I wouldn’t ever replace it again so I didn’t get the metal, bolt on emblem. Does anyone have a link to where I can purchase the bolt on style Cummins grill badge? I am really looking for a reusable badge now since I wasted my money once already.
  6. Soooo I need the paid version of microsoft Excel to run this?
  7. I was just going to run it to about middle of oil pan below motor. Just want to know best hose to use that wont break the bank
  8. They said turbo drain line. If fuel hose works im all for it.
  9. 5 foot! im starting to think I dont need this tappet cover. Holy cow. If i get hydraulic hose wouldnt i have to get it 1 size bigger as it has thicker walls?
  10. shows here on cpp its $36 per foot for high temp silicone drain hose. Pricey but if it has to have it. How many feet would i need?
  11. I wasn't even gonna attempt to do it without taking it off. I have taken a vp44 on an off this truck 7 times so i think i have the tools needed haha. It was for troubleshooting and warranty work around. In the end i got a new pump that didnt have rust and pits all over it.
  12. I was gonna get some 3/4 heater hose and run the vent below the motor from the tappet cover. My truck has a front vent already and it already has the vent mod to run the hoe lower on the motor instead of right on the motor. The factory installed it before my parents took delivery way back. I made a bio about all the weird things on my truck that don't line up with others the same year model. What type of hose and what size should i use to vent the tappet cover?
  13. Okay thank you! I will go get one at the parts store today.
  14. I thought Ben said his breathers didnt leave oil on his valve cover?
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