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  1. Issues with Smarty s-03 Quadzilla stack

    Wow I could could not find button. Thank you! Anyways, I will send off my quadzilla to have v2 software added, My airdog drops from 22/23 psi at idle to 9/10 psi at WOT. I talked to pureflow on Instagram and he said I can have mine upgrade to a 165-4g pump for $50 plus shipping so let’s just say $100. I am going to order a sump kit but I don’t have the heart to cut into my tank. I don’t like cutting holes in anything haha. That will hopefully solve pressure issues! If it does then I can move onto making quadzilka smokeless. After that I’ll fix timing cover, and Tappet cover leaks. Silicone or gasket for timing cover? If the funds are available I’ll be getting a billet tappet cover. I haven’t figured out from who yet. I like the price of CC it idk if it’ll work on a vp44.
  2. Issues with Smarty s-03 Quadzilla stack

    It’s a brand new valair 500hp clutch. That’s the kicker. I didn’t realize how much power my truck would have. I got a buddy with a Duramax with around 450-500 that is pretty quick and he rode in it and said if my truck wouldn’t slip I would beat him. And his is automatic😂 How do I edit my signature? I cannot for the life of me figure it out.
  3. Issues with Smarty s-03 Quadzilla stack

    Well I had the smarty on level 9 with the quadzilka unhooked at it pulled me in the sest pretty good. Then I set ecm to stock, put quadzilla on level 5. It sucked me in the seat about the same. I can’t use level 8/9/10 as the clutch just slips as soon as the turbo spoils. Ide day the quadzilka is stronger but not by much. I don’t know how to change my signature or I wouldn’t update it to have the 7x.011 sac injectors
  4. Issues with Smarty s-03 Quadzilla stack

    OH okay that makes sense. So I’m seeing more down low cause i get 100 throttle at 15% stacking them. Okay that makes sense. So I can use the smarty for factory high idle, flash ecm, adjust tire size. So it’s not completely useless. I need to upgrade my lift pump, get a sump, and wire in new obd port as mine is wore out from probing it with my voltmeter. My buddy has an endge comp without the hot u lock. His truck was fast when he put he edge on it back in 2008/2009. He said it just gradually got slower and slower. Until it was just a little bit of black and wouldn’t get out of its own way. So I put my smarty on it and the truck was a completely different animal. What could cause this?
  5. Issues with Smarty s-03 Quadzilla stack

    I don’t get the snap from the quadzilka even on level 10 or a custom tune with the fuel stretch turned all the way up. Soooo I guess my truck isn’t gunna blow up? Or my quadzilka is garbage? Or the smarty is more powerful than 65hp? So I spent $700 extra. I guess what they say isn’t true about if you out a part on your brain just makes you think it didn’t something. I’ll figure out which one i want more and sell the other one. Or keep them both and drive it till it blows. I turned off the Hugh idle and my truck has never had a High idle. Even after the smarty install it still doesn’t have a High idle.
  6. OBD diagnostics

    I figured out the problem. It was the iod fise. My obd port need some to be replaced now from poking me or so many times with my voltmeter. The abs function on the smarty doesn’t work but I’m sure it’s a fuse or a wire. Thanks for everyone who tried to help. The smarty adds so much down low responsiveness. But it is pretty Smokey now.
  7. OBD diagnostics

    Still no luck on tracking down the problem. Anyone have any idea where to start? at the ecm, pcm, obs port, a fuse?
  8. OBD diagnostics

    My starter cable ended up being 2/0 and everything else was 4 and 1/0 gauge. I replaced all the terminals except the passenger negative which is still a good tight clean connection. I clean all the terminals, dielectric grease on posts and terminals inside and out, alternator went out 3 days ago and after oreileys machine testing good and it leaving me stranded once again they warrantied it and bam my gauge reads 14 now instead of 12 like it did for a year. I haven’t tested the smarty since replacing the alternator and terminals. I will test it today and see if i still have a wiring issue or my batteries were just too dead to let the smarty work.
  9. OBD diagnostics

    So the positive lead going down to the starter isn't 2/0 gauge wire? It's is just 0 gauge or maybe 2 gauge? I just don't want to buy a cable lug too big or too small.
  10. OBD diagnostics

    so that picture you just sent me isnt your terminal? sell either way i ordered one like it earlier. I just need to know how big the power cable going to the starter is to order one of those lugs for it. i read online it is 2/0?
  11. OBD diagnostics

    I just ordered one identical to yours just now. What size is the main power wire on that terminal? I found a crimp connector that fits the small wire going into the fuse box. is it 2/0?
  12. OBD diagnostics

    I have one of those terminals and the cables dont look to be very coroded inside the insulation. The terminal itself is wore out form being taken on and off so many times. I have my airdog and quadzilla terminals hooked to that battery terminals so I will have to add those on there too. Nowhere around here sells those lugs they only sell ring terminals for like $3 a pop
  13. OBD diagnostics

    Well my truck left me stranded at college for a few minutes and upon inspection it turned out to be my driver side positive cable was loose. There was a small puddle if you will below the cable end and it was aluminum i believe from the better post. So now im trying t o figure out a good way to replace that battery cable end with a new one. maybe that is my problem? one can only hope!
  14. OBD diagnostics

    Anyone have any ideas?
  15. OBD diagnostics

    so do i follow the steps you provided still? using the pins you provided that are connected? Okay 14 to 29 reads 00.3 on 200 ohm setting and 7 to 27 reads 00.3 on 200 ohm setting. I will double check to confirm readings. Double checked readings and it is confirmed 00.3 on both reads. Checked voltage with key off and they both read 0 volts. So my readings before were inaccurate as I was using the wrong pins on c3 connector...My c3 connector has pins labeled by numbers but the form/stamp/mold put the numbers slightly off center so I was reading pin 30 and pin 28 instead of 29 and 27. Pin 7 to 38 reads 00.4 on 200 ohm setting aswell.