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  1. $3.29 per gallon at my usual fiiling station. time to run 10% waste oil..Ops
  2. Same sit here. I'm running 285s and I'm off by about 10% or so.Ops
  3. JKidd at Diesel Auto Power gets mentioned a lot, as does Blue Chip diesel.Ops
  4. Well, I ordered a fire truck horn and onboard air system from Air Horns of Texas. Honk...Ops
  5. It sure will. Any suggestions for a live tool? I'm on a budget but I see the value of having such a device.Ops
  6. back from the dead...I have a cowl CAI on my truck with the 3" flex line. I did lose about .5 MPG and reduced the EGT about 50* or so. I'd like to try it again while towing, maybe later this month..Ops
  7. It's the older 33585, if there is a better one I'll get it.The replacement that failed in a year failed a component on the electronics board, I think it was an 0570? it meant tht the rpm sensor in the IP didn't agree with the crank sensor rpm. I'd swap it for a VE pump if it would bolt up.Ops
  8. I'm using a Wix filter element, don't remember the P/N offhand. I change it whenever I find crud in the filter drain, or at 10K, whichever comes first. Ops
  9. Since i didn't do a sig net, here's my fuel system:Holley Black on the frame rail, stock lines and filter, ISSPRO pressure guage with snubber, 15 psi idle, 11PSI at WOT at 3k rpm. I use two stroke oil at 1 oz per gallon, 50/50 mix of 2 stroke and PS in the winter.I ten to baby this truck, so it's not like I run the hell out of it. Ops
  10. I had it done by a local diesel shop, with a one year warranty.
  11. What is the estimated service life of a replacement VP44? I've had to replace a replacement after 2 years. I like the truck but I can't support that.Ops
  12. It's a Boss hog bumper, lemme look.. http://www.bumpersandbeds.com/ HTH. Ops
  13. Finally got the cash to upgrade the front bumper and headlights. Ended up with a Boss Hog and Anzo clear lens replacements. Not bad for an old man's truck.. Ops UPdate 8/7 - Whacked a 150 lb doe with it this evening at about 35 MPH. Only mark on it was a couple of deer hairs.. Ops
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