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  1. Well I do build some MPG and High Idler systems but they take a little more time to do. I can do them if someone is wanting one, they are $180 shipped to the USA. If someone wants to get into contact with me, my email is much easier. It's winslowhaselwood@gmail.com. It comes right to my phone so I can check it on the go:ahhh:
  2. Sorry bud, I haven't received an IM via this website? You can email me direct at winslowhaselwood@gmail.com if you would like
  3. Wow man thanks for all the info!! I bought the truck and it runs pretty well on 7 but I haven't towed anything with it. It feaking goes though!!! And the EGTs haven't been that high really either. Again I haven't really pushed it or anything yet either.
  4. Well right now it has a Smary SO6 with the TNT-R tunes. It moves plenty fast right now, but I haven't drove it enough to tell abuot EGTs really. I don't plan on doing much more with it for a while since it has more power than my old truck easily and I can't afford to spend a fortune on it!! I know it hit 105 mph without much trouble!!
  5. Hey guys! It has been a while since I've been on here but I'm getting ready to buy a 2005 Cummins due to Black Magic getting wrecked about a month ago.. I have been trying to figure out if it will have the HE351 or the HE351VGT?? What are the differences in them?
  6. Nice read man!!! I'm looking into one of these for my next truck since Black Magic got wrecked... Stepping up to a Common Rail!!
  7. Yep the software has to be turned on for the system to work. Either the dealer or a Smarty can do it for you.
  8. Yeah I figure when my girl and I tear it apart I'll play with it and see what I come up with. If it doesn't start working I'll just replace it with a new one.
  9. Thanks guys!! I think that is what I shall order!
  10. Okay so yesterday the fuel gauge was showing a little under half which was correct. I parked the truck for maybe 2 hours and got back in it to drive and fuel now shows it is on Empty and the fuel light is on. Went and put some fuel in it and it didn't change... So I guess the fuel sender is probably out?? Can you buy that seperate from the canister or does it come together? A from a dealer I suppose?
  11. Bumping it up for the winter time!! Lets get some orders coming!!!
  12. I used the bolts for my heat shield. A double nut helps elimate sharp corners which will wear into the filter. As for the hood question, LMC has some cool ones.
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