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  1. Nope, still have it, I will ship it for $75.00 if you are interested?. I don't need it on my new truck.
  2. Hey guys, the second person that looked at the truck bought it. It almost breaks my heart.Mohok
  3. OK guys, if there are any die hards out there, they shouldn't let this one get away. This truck is in prime condition!!! The only issues are (1 Front Speakers don't work. (2 Minor A/C leak. 1 to 2 cans of freon per year.I bought the truck new. No engine or tranny problems what so ever. The tires (Cooper Discoverer 235 85 16E H/T's) only have 250 miles on them, the battries are not much over a year old, tranny fluid changed approx 4000 miles ago. Another plus is the dash was replaced by Dodge a few years back. The only dent on the truck is a slight impression on the left rear bumper which is barely noticeable. It is a jewel. Take a look under the used car inventory listing for Prothro Chey web site. Check my signature for the extras that are on the truck (approximately $5K which includes the install cost for the Banks) Mohok
  4. Yeah, $75 bucks and I will ship it 1st Class. It has the cable and Instruction booklet. if interested send me a money order. Howard King
  5. John, I think he has only changed oil once. The truck has only approx 8k plus miles on it. I will forward him your reply. He was concerned that it might be a major problem with fuel passing by the injectors. He is a worry wart anyway.ThanksMohok
  6. My friend has a 2010 3500HD that is making oil. Is that a problem that anyone has addressed with Chrysler/Dodge and, if so, what was the results?Would appreciate any input/info that any one has with this issue.Mohok
  7. Items bought to be used on 2001 year model.Scan Gauge II w/ Instruction Manual (Used)4 ea Baldwin PF7977 Fuel Filters (New)1 ea Goodyear Gator Back Ploy V Belt (New) 1 ea Luber-Finer Fuel Filter (New) 1 ea Dodge Ram Hitch/Receiver Cover (Used)1 ea Hitch/Receiver Cover "Remove toTow Chevys" (Used)Would like to sell as a 1 Lot for $100.00 Sold my Truck!!!Howard King 8034350658
  8. Thanks to the forum for my birthday wishes. Hell, I'm 72 and just hope/wishes they keep coming around. Mohok in SC.
  9. Thanks. 2 wheel drive. My mech has ordered a rubber bushing kit and we will go from there.
  10. I was told by my mechanic that put my tie rod ends on that I need to replace the right side upper control. Found that a replacement control arm is around $345.00 (ouch). He is going to try to replace the bushings and see if might solve the problem. Anyone care to share any information or personal experience in this area? I think he said that he had the front end up and had someone mash the brakes and he could see movement in the control arm. Also, when you are driving and apply the brakes you can hear a noise and feel a bit of a jerk in the front end.
  11. First, thanks to all the responders. Good info. I have rotated three of the new tires to the left front position to rule out having a faulty tire. All three tires have the same left pull. The tires were all made in the same run on 1112, i.e., last week of March this year. The tires are 235 85 16's Cooper Discovery tires made in the USA, so hopefully the tires are not the problem.
  12. Thanks Mike. I have a guy that will put them on and I will take it to an alignment after that and have them to check it out. Again, is there supposed to be any play? You can put your hand around each shaft and by twisting your wrist up and down there is 1/8th to 1/4 play in them. Being a non motor head, I don't know.
  13. Put on new tires and noticed a pronounced pull to the left. Checked the tie rod ends and found both sides with some play in each side. Is there supposed to be any play in them? Am approaching 100k miles so I guess I need to get new tie rod ends??? Just came off a 1200 mile trip and am not sure if I noticed the pull to the left with the old tires or not, if so, it was not as pronounced. I had the new tires on the left side switched to rule out a faulty tire. It still had the strong left pull.
  14. Can someone help me identify the part I need to replace. It is the connection on the line that runs from the lower left front side of the engine to the connection on the upper part of the outside firewall located about middle way of the firewall. ~~
  15. Thanks. I'm traveling and have little or no internet. I found the leak in a connection and should be able to replace the part myself. I used some electrical tape on it and it has worked since. Was relieved to find out it should be a low cost fix as I'm on the road and have experienced some triple digit temps the past few weeks. I will be in Iowa for the next six weeks or so.
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