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  1. I have heard similar stories but I also have friends who have the 6.7 and love them especially because of the 6 speed tranny. I am not crazy about all of the pollution crap on them though.
  2. I have a 2001 Quad Cab Cummins 4x4 short box and I love my truck, especially since I haven't had a truck payment in the last 8 years. I purchased my truck new but my kids are not getting any smaller and that back seat isn't getting any bigger. I got permission from "head-quarters" that I can start looking for a new/used truck. I refuse to buy a new truck due to the $50k+ price tag so a used truck is in order. I have a larger 4" turbo on my truck along with the BHAF system, full gauges and of course 2 new fuel pumps. So, my question is what truck (year) would you purchase. I would like to stick with my Dodge but honestly I am open to any diesel truck. Do any of them come with a 4" turbo vs. the 3" originally on my 2001 Cummins? My new truck must have 4 full doors and 4 wheel drive is a necessity. Lets hear it, what trucks should I be looking at and why??
  3. I have been using 2 cycle for over a year now in hopes of prolonging life.............. my codes was on again, off again code so I dont know what was going on other than I had a lack of power while towing.
  4. Thanks fellas, I am going to move my line this weekend after my filter and direct plum it to my gauge.
  5. I have an Autometer fuel pressure gauge for my Cummins that constantly loses pressure the more I drive it. I seem to have a air leak and I have tightened every single connection. My T connector is between my lift pump and my fuel filter, is the best place for my T??I have a isolator on it. Fuel flows into a piece of equipment I bought with my gauges........so there is no actual fuel coming into the truck via the gauge.Should my T for my fuel be after the fuel filter?????
  6. Since I kept seeing a on/off P0216 that would come and go, I came across a great deal on a new VP-44 rebuild. Do I have to have my codes cleared or will they clear up on their own? If I dont clear the codes, will my truck not operate as normal??BYW, there is an excellent Youtube guide on how to remove and install a VP-44 pump.
  7. Idle pressure is 20 and running 70 down the interstate is about 17.5 for pressure. Yeah, they sent a plug in with the turbo because they said I would be having over-boost codes if I didnt put this in... I just dont understand the 216 appearing then disappearing all the time. :banghead: I thought the VP was a mechanical pump?? If that is the case, shouldnt it be either good or bad??
  8. I have been having issues with my truck towing, seems to have a lack of power. Well for the fun of it I ran the 3x key thing on my truck and read the codes on my SuperChip and this is NOW what it is telling me.PCU 1693ECU 0216 & 0234I just had my injector pump tested at a shop in Green Bay only to pay these guys $700+ to test my injector pump, try to fix my turbo that they tell me my waste gate was stuck. Of course, broken bolts and yada, yada a huge bill and they tell me my stock turbo was cracked.So hence, I buy a new turbo $1200 and install the little wire to my map sensor so I dont get the 0234 code (over boost condition). Obiviously the little wires are not tricking my map sensor for my new turbo.Here is my problem. I dont always get the 0216. Am I getting a glich in my truck or am I really having issues with my injector pump?? Testing showed my pump to be fine. I am calling them tomorrow and they will recheck my injector pump for free especially now that I have the code.That 0216 code will go away again................ I am not sure this is the reasoning for my lack of power while towing?? Truck seems to run fine and you cannot tell any lack of power when not towing anything.Anyone have any thoughts why this code keeps re-appearing but then will disappear for awhile? As always, thanks for the help.
  9. Exactly. Update...........was towing my boat on Saturday. It is an 18' aluminum boat and my truck was down shifting hauling my boat. Something is definetly not right. I certainly dont mind bringing in my truck to be looked at but last time I spent $750 for someone to fix my waste gate on a cracked turbo. Starting to suck big time. I know my lift pump is pumping as I took off the hose, bumped the starter and I am getting more than the required amount of fuel. I have had my injector pump tested (same guys who found my cracked turbo) and they said my injector pump was fine. I am wondering if I have plugged injectors?
  10. I remember paying about $130/5 gallon jug last year. We will see later today.
  11. http://www.deere.com/wps/dcom/en_US/parts/batteries_and_fluids/oils_and+_lubricants/plus50/plus_50.page anyone use this oil in their Cummins???
  12. They sent me a boost fooler with my turbo. I can hit anywhere from 20-30 on acceleration, depending on how heavy my foot is when I am towing. I am pretty easy on my truck so I dont ever push it. They are sending me a new boost fooler. Would that boost error code make my truck lack power in OD? I have my guages in my truck for monitoring.
  13. My truck seems to shift funny when I have the Superchip installed. A friend of mine, his father in-law had a Superchip in his Power Stroke and had the same issues. Took it in to the dealer, they told him to remove the chip and "WALLA", no more funny shifting. I have it out now and I too have no more funny shifting. I am not looking to road tearing power, I just want a little more juice while towing and when those big hills are a comin:lol:
  14. I did a pressure test today and fixed the one I found after the turbo. I installed a BD Super B single turbo.
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