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  1. Yes it is shifting, no codes, its done if before and if you let it sit for a little bit it went back to normal. But now it always slipping and want shift in to overdrive
  2. 2001 dodge 2500 4x4 auto. When I try to start off it feals like the trans is slipping and once it gets going it want shift in overdrive. Stock trans with 75000 miles truck has 300000. The filters and bands where adjusted and changed about 7000 miles ago at last oil change. Any ideas. I check the fluid in nutreal.
  3. I have heard people talk about fuel millage being in the 20's and maintaining the ideal 1800 +/- rpm, but iI run down the road at 55 mph @ 1500 rpm - 70 mph @2000 in overdrive, 55mph @2000 rpm with overdrive off.In order to keep @ 1800 rpm i have to run 45 mph with overdrive off or 65 mph in overdrive.I am running 305/75/16/10 tires 32.6 in tall with 3.54 gears, would changing to 4.10 gears help. I had factory size when i purchased the truck which was 265/75/16/10 or 31.8 tall and was about the same.I am getting around 17 mpg now but diesel just hit 3.99 gal and gas went down to 3.21 gal Most of my driving is hwy, very little stop and go.I thinking of upgrading to 4 in exhaust (have stock no muffler now) and rv 275 injectorsANY IDEAS ?????
  4. I replaced the track bar about a year ago. Today I grab the column below the master cylinder and lots of play at the bearing at the firewall. It may not fix the wandering issue but still is a problem with the steering
  5. http://www.rocksolidramtrucksteering.com/ I just found your information searching sites for my steering issues today and i was about to spend lots of money to try to fix my issues. I was reading every ones replies and crawled under my truck and had my wife turn the steering wheel with and without engine running and didn't see any play that would cause the steering to wonder as bad as it does, so i grabbed the column and my bearing at firewall is completely gone, so i guess i will be ordering one shortly
  6. I contacted Dodge and was told that i get a build sheet, so i researched forums and found a website and emailed them late Friday night and Saturday afternoon i got this email.Dear John: Thank you for contacting the Ram Customer Assistance Center, your emails are important to us! We are pleased to provide vehicle build information per your request for your 2001 Ram 2500. According to our records, your vehicle was equipped from the factory with the following: VIN: 3B7KF23661G818297 Vehicle Description: DODGE RAM 2500 P/U QUAD CAB Model Year: 2001 Body Model: BE 7 L 33 Sales Code Description *R1 Premium Cloth 40/20/40 Bench Seat -C3 Mist Gray ADAP Light Group ADJP Heavy Duty Service Group AHC Trailer Tow Group AHJ Camper Special Group AHLP Heavy Duty Insulation Group AJKP Convenience Group APAS Monotone Paint ASPP SLT Decor Group A42P 5.9l TD ENG(ETC)/4SPD A/T 47RE(DGP) BAZP 136 Amp Alternator BCQP 750 Amp Maintenance Free Battery BRTS Anti-Lock 4-Wheel Disc Brakes CBEP 40/20/40 Split Bench Seat CGDS Front Height Adjust Shoulder Belts CGWS Next Generation Front Air Bags** CGZS Passenger Air Bag On/Off Switch CHEP Deluxe Headliner CKEP Front Seat Area Carpet CLAP Front Floor Mats CSPS Passenger Assist Handle CUDP Mini Overhead Console CXDP Trim Parts For 'SLT' CPOS DGBS All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions DGP 4-Spd. Automatic 47RE Transmission DHAP Lock-Up Torque Converter DHHS Shift-on-the-Fly, 241 Transfer Case DJFS Dana M60/248MM Front Axle DMDP 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio DREP Dana M70/267MM Rear Axle EAAC All Engines ETC 5.9L I6 Cummins 24V Diesel Engine GACS Tinted Glass Windows GFD Rear Sliding Window GNAS Rear View Day/Night Mirror GNMP Passenger Side Sun Visor w/Mirror GTSP Power Heated Mirrors, Fold-Away GVBC All Vehicles W/Power Mirrors GXM Remote Keyless Entry HAAP Air Conditioning HGAS Hood Insulation HGBS Dash Liner Insulation HGDP Deluxe Insulation Group I86S Route 86 - CSX, Lawrenceville, GA JAYS Instrument Cluster w/Tach JCBS 120 MPH Primary Speedometer JHAS Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers JJAS Cigar Lighter JJBS Dual Note Electric Horns JJJS 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet JPBP Power Locks JPDP Power Windows, Driver One-Touch JPV Power 8-Way Driver Seat JRDP Power Driver Seat KRAP STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR KTAP STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR K1XP STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR K17P STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING LBAP Map/Courtesy Lamp LBCP Glove Box Lamp LDAS Underhood Lamp LMAS Halogen Headlamps LNJ Fog Lamps LPES Cargo Lamp MBFS Bright Rear Bumper MCTS Bright Front Bumper MFDS Bright Grille MHAS Black Windshield Moldings MUZP SLT Badge MWDS Removable Tailgate w/Caliper Latches MXB Front Air Dam MXCP Front Bumper Sight Shields NAA Federal Emissions NBLP Delete EVAP Control System NFUS 34 Gallon Fuel Tank NHBP Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler NHKP Engine Block Heater NHMP Speed Control NMCP Heavy Duty Engine Cooling PX8A Black Clear Coat QX8S Black Clear Coat RAAC All Radio Equipped Vehicles RAZ AM/FM Cassette Compact Disc Radio RCEP Infinity Speakers RDDP Fixed Long Mast Antenna SBAS Power Rack and Pinion Steering SCVP Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel SFBS Front Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers SGBS Rear Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers SHAS Front Stabilizer Bar SHCP Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars SUAP Tilt Steering Column TBBS Full Size Spare Tire TBMP Tire Carrier Winch TXFP LT265/75R16E BSW All Season Tires TZHP Michelin Brand Tires WDZP 16X8.0 Forged Aluminum Wheels WLBP Steel Spare Wheel WLZC All Aluminum Wheels WMJP Center Hub XBSS Pickup Box XCMS Vendor Painted Cargo Box XEFP Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield XFHP Class IV Receiver Hitch XFKP 7 Pin Wiring Harness XFLP 7 to 4 Pin Wiring Adaptor XZBP MOPAR Bed Rail/Tailgate Caps YAAS Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications Thanks again for your email. Sincerely, Lynn
  7. I am about to rebuild my front end steering in my 01 dodge ram 2500 quad cab 5.9l 6cyl. and they asked if its a 3500 lb or 4500 lb front axle both show dana 60 which i have, so how do you tell which one is which?
  8. Has anyone ever adjusted the bands on the trans, if so can you notice any diffrence ?2001 dodge 2500 5.9 cummins 225,000 miles
  9. Thanks, works great for mine. Replaced both
  10. Any one ever use one of these if so whats your opinions ? Torque Converter Lock-UP The TS Performance Torque Converter Lock-UP allows you to lock and un-lock your torque converter at the speed of your choice. Most factory converters lock up at high speeds, and un-lock when off the throttle. This can cause increased temperatures due to friction between the converter and flywheel. It will also inhibit vehicle performance and fuel economy lock at high speeds. The converter can work in conjunction with an exhaust brake to help slow the engine speeds instead of relying completely on the brakes to slow the truck. By programming the converter to un-lock at a low speed it will help to stop the truck. By allowing the operator to choose the speed the converter locks and un-locks results in: [*] Reduce operating temperatures of the transmission and torque converter [*]Reduce overheating and wear of brakes. [*] Improved acceleration [*]Programmable locking speed [*]Programmable un-locking speed [*]Improved Fuel Economy
  11. Found the problem, pulled the tranny out and found the front pump bolts were all loose, tranny was rebuilt by aamco about 30,000 mile ago by previous owner.
  12. I just notice I have a bad leak coming from my inspection place on bell housing. I am thinking front pump torque converter seal. Any ideas ? Transmission shop says they have problems with torque converter cracking at shaft? And help would be great. Thanks
  13. I going to install some rv 275 injectors in the near future. Also a j- hook, but what kind of boost fooler ( diablo power puck ) not wanting to spend $1000.00 on edge. I may trade the truck in 2-3 years for newer.
  14. anyone use these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/75HP-Performance-Injectors-Dodge-RAM-Cummin-24v-75-HP-/280394577149?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4148d1b4fd
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