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  1. Yeah, if you are a true truck guy once you go diesel everything else is just lame. Get 22 mpg hwy as a DD, then hook up a 10K lb gooseneck. TRY THAT WITH A HEMI.
  2. Awesome! Glad to hear I'm not alone!
  3. Ok, I know I'm not the only CTD owner in the SE. Lets get this region rollin!
  4. no, it is definitely fuel. the breeze was blowing it into the cab! i had to roll up the windows.
  5. Yeah, I checked the codes before I changed the filter. That is why I need to get a scanner to clear them, so I can get fresh readings. The engine light did go off though! I have to get a fuel pressure gauge, but I am going to get a fass LP to try to keep the IP alive as long as possible. Ill update codes and such ASAP.
  6. Ok, I thought my vp was shot, now I'm stumped. I posted that I was given an 02 QC which had been sitting for 2 years. When I got it started it ran rough, and smoked like a train (white smoke.). Last night I changed the fuel filter (which was black), and noticed the little "o" ring around the cap was missing. MMMM... So I put the new filter in, along with the new "o" ring. Fired it up, and it quit after 2 seconds or so. It lost prime. After bleeding it, the engine ran like new! When I revved it up, there was a little puff of BLACK smoke, but NO white smoke. So I took it out for a drive. Turning at the corner I got into it, and it lit the tires (buckshots) while getting good and sideways. Good God, the torque is addicting! So apparently it was sucking A LOT of air. Then this morning, with the engine cold (doesn't really get cold here, it was 65), it fired up, but was smoking again. Not near as bad as before though. After 5 minutes when the engine was warm it was like a new truck again, with no smoke. Could it be sucking air while cold, and then sealing itself from expansion after it warms up? Where could it be getting air from? I am getting a scanner today, and will clear the codes to see what comes up. any ideas guys? Thanks in advance.Christopher
  7. I need a running VP. Mine died, and I dont have the $ for a new/reman unit.
  8. Now why didn't it occur to me to look at the wiring diagram? Thanks again, Mike! Dually, I will check all those when I go back to it in the morning. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for all the help, guys! Oh, and thanks for taking the time to put in all those links Mike! I did replace the batteries, and I will go through and check all the grounds, connections. Where are all the grounds located? Is there a stickey with them I missed?
  10. Thanks for the replies! I got it running before I read them though. By pressurized I meant that I used compressed air to slightly pressurize the tank to force the fuel up to the lift pump. After that I bled the feed/return lines on the IP. Then I cycled the pump several times, and cranked on it several times. The batteries were dead at that point, so I charged them overnight. This morning It took about 3 good tries to get it to fire. Even with only 3 injectors bled, it only took 3 seconds to smooth out. So, now she is running. It starts with just a bump of the key, hot or cold and idles like new. That is all of the good news, though. Anything over 1500 rpm and it runs rough, with a cloud of white smoke. I need to get the codes cleared because there was a lot of corrosion on the batteries and some fittings when we first started trying. But it is throwing a mess of codes. these are:1698038202150230056203800216So I guess the IP is shot, which I do not have the $1k to replace. Thanks for everyones help!Chris
  11. I was given an 02 QC 2wd. It sat under a carport for 2 yrs due to the young man that it was given to not having any interest in it. We pressurized the fuel tank and got fuel up to the VP44. I cracked the return line and ran the pump until fuel ran out of it. Then I cracked the 1, 3&4 injectors. With two hot batteries she turns over with authority, but no fuel reaches the injectors. I am used to working on 12v engines, and know little about diagnosing the Vp44. Could the electronics be bad in the IP? The truck was running fine when it was parked. Thanks in advance for your help!Chris
  12. Hello all, I am hailing from Winter Haven, Fl. I was just given a 02 QC 2wd, and was told of this forum from a friend. Thanks for all the help Mr. Mike!
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