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Found 28 results

  1. Well, finally got the truck running back normal again and was going to take it out in the countryside to some property I have with a friend about 75 miles away from everything. Got the truck loaded up and ready to go and as the fuel pressure was just a few pounds low recently thought I would adjust it up a bit and did so in the driveway before leaving. It always runs a good 16-17 psi at idle, and down to a low of 12-13 at WOT. Steady running at 14-15 psi which is fine with me. Got on the road and headed out in the boonies early this morning. About 15 miles out noticed that the fuel pressure was down again, sometimes even hitting 10 or less, which then triggered the alarm on the Edge. Stopped on the side of the road and adjusted the fuel pressure on the Raptor back up to 18-20. Drove another 3-4 miles and it started doing it again. Now I am not one to do silly things like pee on electric fences and the like, so when something like this happens three times in a row, its time to take a hard look at whats going on and make a decision. Yep, I headed back into town because where I was is in the middle of absolute no-where and tow trucks are a long ways away. Good choice as within 5 miles the fuel pressure was not only below 10, it was down to 3-4 psi at times. Another couple of miles and it was at ZERO... was on the hiway by then going 50 in the slow lane with my flashers on. Made it to the turn-off and truck was then bucking from time to time. Idle speed and sound was fine but sure was down on power. You could tell that the engine was not happy. Last turn onto the main road to my house and I was down to 2-3 cylinders and not sure I would make it, but Mr. Cummins builds a strong engine and we chugged to the house like this. Smelled some difficult smells coming from the engine compartment and guessing that the VP was not happy with no cooling fuel and has signaled that its time that I learn how to change a VP. Anyone ever had anything like this happen? The Raptor 100 is less than two years old and until this time been very reliable. I have a call into PF/Raptor support but no return call yet... Any suggestions on which VP to get and sources? I am looking for a good price but would rather have one with a new or upgraded circuit board on the pump if possible. Thx, Joe --- Update to the previous post... Well, its been a difficult and wasted morning for the most part. Called Pure Flow to get raptor support and they told me that I had to call their Indiana facility. Called there and was shuttled to someone's number and it went direct to voice mail. Left my number and 2.5 hours Kyle finally calls me back. What a JERK! I had bought this Raptor 100 in October of 2009 from Vulcan Performance. First pump I received was dead out of the box so I called Vulcan and they shuttled me to PF who was at that time still producing product in Missouri. They took a week to get me a new replacement pump as they did not any gears left to make new pumps... Finally when they got a new one made they shipped it overnight on their nickle and its been running fine since that time. Evidently now production has shifted to Indiana and if you have a newer model product you have to go there. Older stuff are still supported by the Missouri office... thank God. Well, Kyle could care less about customer service but sure wanted to know the pump number and if I had sent the warranty card in, which I had done. Well he could not find the warranty info in his computer then told me "you must have bought this before Nov/Dec of 2009" so while I have 98% of all listings from this time frame, if you are not in my computer you get NO warranty!" I guess customers from anytime before fall of 2009 are worthless to him, or he sure treats them like this! Hmm, thats a good way to ____ a customer off! Now we are responsible for the Post Office getting the warranty cards to them as well I guess! That 2% of the PF customers that he mentions is not in his computer just gets to pound sand from the way he acts. I called the Pure Flow office in Missouri back and talked with Diane, who found my info in her computer right away. No questions asked, she was wonderful to work with and I have either a 6 year or unlimited warranty, depending on something. I could care less what it is, I bought the pump about 2.5 years ago so its well within both time periods and covered. She has a replacement pump coming out to me this afternoon and will change it next week once it arrives. Now for the next bit of good news. The system threw a Po216 code on the way home, but considering that the Edge was showing ZERO fuel pressure thats not surprising. Anyone feel that after I put a new raptor in the system that the VP is going to be worth a damm or reliable enough to trust on the road?
  2. Folks - I began having issues a few weeks ago and I've done a lot of research on the VP symptoms/diagnosis option to rule the VP in/out as my problem. My mechanic will run the codes with scanner tomorrow when it goes in and replace vp if he agrees, but I'd like to get other opinions as well.Truck has a Fass fuel pump and pressure guage reads 19-21 at idle and no lower than 14 at WOT. Started a week after I bought it. On cold start and go situations, it would not get out of its own way. It would clear up after a few miles and rip like normal.It was recommended that I warm it up for 5-10 minutes before driving when cold out. Wont pretend to know why it was suggested, but I went with it and seemed to be working (or just coincidence) as it didn't happen any more for about a week.Then began to randomly have what I will call "dead pedal". It doesn't matter time of day / outside air temp / or if the truck is cold or up to temp. I will be driving along and driving fine, then I go to accelerate up a hill and it will maintain rpm but wont increase and truck slowly looses speed up the hill. Once over the top of the hill, it will regain, but still won't get up and go like it should.However, that said, sometimes I can let off the throttle for a little bit and get back into it and it will rip again.Codes at this time have only been read with the key trick/not a scanner. PCM is 1693 (not helpful) and 0500 (bald tires lol). ECM is 1693, 0380 and 0216.Anyone have any saving graces or agree its the VP ? Thanks,Bill
  3. Im new to the diesel world Please help Me , when i start my truck cold it always starts right up and sounds and idles good even in cold weather , after about 3 min or so give or take idle goes to surging and misssing sounding like crap, When i put it under load miss seems to go away and idle sounds good although I do still notice a small amount of surging and you can see it on the the rpm gauge and the volt meter
  4. Ok, So I bought a 2000 dodge 2500 4x4 auto, quadcab. When I bought it is seemed to run and shift fine. I got a pretty good deal on it and was a little worried something might be wrong. Well of course I didn't know about key trick to check for codes until I started working on it at home. When I bought it there was only 1 battery, so I bought two new batteries and installed. I also bought a raptor 100 and installed along w/ fuel filter. I did both of these at the same time. Since then I am getting 3 codes. p1693, p0216, and P0123. I know the first two point to mechanical ip failure, but it still cranks and runs good. The main problem I have now is the p0123 code and my truck will not shift into overdrive or 4th. I have installed a timbo apps. that was no help. Also had tranny fluid and filter changed. All the problems seem to have started after new fuel pump and batteries installed, but that just doesn't make sense. Gonna follow mikes 14 step procedure for checking grounds and wires. pretty aggravated at the moment.
  5. With the help from others on a different web site, I'm almost convinced that I need a new injector pump. Have a good lift pump with 22 psi pressure. Recently (today) cracked the fuel lines going to injectors 1, 3, & 4 and got a little bit of fuel. The front line had quite a bit of bubbles. Also have a 1688 code stating that the injector pump controller manfunctioned. Only this evening did I replace the fuel filter. Do I need to bleed it? Does it take long for the fuel to flow properly after replacing the filter if I don't. And finally, what's your take on a used injector pump (money's tight right now and elk season's only a month away)? Thanks
  6. OK I got time to do some digging to update I was driving down the road and it died would restart only idle rough no thottle response, but after starting four times doesn't idle anymore. Codes were 1688/1689OK 20 psi going into the pump, fuel spits out at injecter line( don't know how much) put a different injecter pump in that I had and it still is the same way it was after it died. Cleared codes and none have came back. Any ideals where to go next, thinking start at the batterys and check every connection I can, will have to take to a dealer next don't know where to go. Thanks for the help:banghead:
  7. I have a 99 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 diesel and I am getting codes, PO237PO251PO252P1688P1693 I know what they read, just not sure I know where to start first. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. So, I have repaired the front axle ABS sensor/hub/bearing or whatever you wanna call it, and have yet another pending DTC. P0126 -- not one I'm pleaseantly happy to see. I have little money to make it into next week, due to the repair I just made. Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there any way to keep the Injection pump from failing completely. I just need it to last me long enough so I can save up the funds to purchase a new one, seeing as how they aren't cheap. Anyone got an extra pump laying around?
  9. On my way to school today I got a pending DTC. I stopped to check it out and got P0500 and p1693. Cleared it and then my ABS light came on. I looked up in my ultragauge to see if i had any other codes and got a P0216. Sounds like p0216 can pop as a result of others coming about. p0500 says theres no vehicle speed signal but I was getting a MPH reading on both my dash and the ultragauge as I was driving. None of this makes any sense... Damn truck! --- Update to the previous post... Parking brake light also stays on. --- Update to the previous post... This all sounds familiar, 1genro had this issue
  10. I spoke to moparman this evening as I was being tow-strapped back home from Melbourne to Orlando by my friend's Duramax. :duh:I had zero symptoms of any problem before this afternoon. While towing my fifth wheel camper home from a race, on flat, level ground as is usual for Florida, I had an instantaneous loss of power. I shifted into neutral and coasted the rig off to the shoulder, and tried to restart. It cranked endlessly but would not fire. I decided to crack the #1 injector open to see if I was getting any fuel, and saw none. Ditto cylinders 3 and 4.Then I cycled the key and verified that I could hear the lift pump operating, and could. I loosened the pressure regulator banjo bolt to see if fuel was getting to the pump, and plenty of fuel poured out. The only code I was able to retrieve from the "key trick" was a P1963.At that point I didn't know what else to do, so I called a friend with a hitch to come get the trailer, and we pulled the truck to a nearby Walmart to park it while we took the trailer home. After getting back to the Walmart several hours later, I attempted to start the truck and much to my surprise it fired right up. No smoke, no funny noises, nothing, until I gave it a little gas, and then it felt like it was completely defueling and wouldn't rev over 1200rpm from an idle of ~800.So, we strapped up and headed out. Getting strap-towed nearly 70 miles was a first for me, but it was uneventful. Now that it's home, I hooked up the autotap and got the following:P0251 P1689P1688So, is the IP toast like I think, or is it something cheaper and easier to fix?
  11. i assume my vp44 is dead i need help with a new one and dont have alot of money is it hard to install aswell
  12. I was running down the road last Wednesday and i Look down and the abs and brake lights were on. So i pulled codes today. 250 251 230 500 501 1689 1693 1765 I could see 1 code but all of these? Any ideas guys? thanks in advance.
  13. My 1999 dodge diesel has been running fine except for rpms going up and down at 45 mph. Below that its fine and above that its fine. Thats just background info though. The truck just died. It cranks but wont start. I replaced the lift pump a while back as well as the throttle position sensor. Truck ran for a few months after that. I dont have a code reader and toggling the key does not generate any codes. Not sure where to turn to next. Any ideas? BTW the truck has 175k miles on it.
  14. Injection Pump Failure. Time to do some work to my truck. I'm just posting up to ask for recomendations in Fuel Pressure Gauges, and Aftermarket Lift Pump improvements. I'm hoping to make the repair in my home garage, so the easier to install options would be a plus. I see many writeups on the job, but any tips would also be welcomed. At this time I am leaning towards an airdog 100 lift pump. Thanks in advance for any information. Dave
  15. Just bought my truck in May, 2002 3500 quad cab, it's the first diesel I've owned, so I'm on a definite learning curve here. Truck runs great, starts right up every time, pulls the 27.5 ft 5th wheel no problem. But here lately in the afternoon when I get off work and crank her up to go home, she'll idle out of the parking lot and when I get to the street and hit the throttle...... nothing happens and she just slowly creeps into the roadway. This will last for a couple of minutes and then all the sudden she'll take off and run great all the way home. I read some earlier posts on how to read the codes and so I read them this evening, here is what I got: P0500, P0460, P1693, Pdone, P0216, P1693, Pdone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,JBK
  16. I went camping this weekend and most of the 5 hour drive was fine. About halfway there at about 65 mph it felt like I let my foot of the pedal. It didn't die but I had to push in the clutch and rev it a few times before it came back. It happened several more times on the trip. On the way home I set my programmer back to stock and it didn't seem to do it as much (coincidence ?). Could it be the TPS or whatever its called on a dodge? Any input would be great.
  17. Today my truck started bucking when I was driving. I know my lift pump was weak but I've been strapped for cash so I haven't changed it yet but now I think I'm paying for it. Just wondering if the bucking is characteristic of a blown VP44? Also when I was driving I noticed that when I curved to the left it really lost power and ran rough but when I curved right it ran much better, any ideas on this?
  18. Well today I had made a stop at the local fast food place for lunch...a mistake I guess. I came out and started the truck and she idled for a couple minutes..gave a shudder and shut down..no re start. Will crank but no start. I replaced the transfer pump w/fass a year ago. Acts like she's not getting fuel. What is in the tank on these? just a fuel gauge and fuel pick up? The transfer pump is running but I am wondering about the "draw straw" that I have heard about. Do they go bad, break off, What should my next step be? Thanks in advance. Randy
  19. Can any vendor here guarantee threre vp44 to at least make it out of the waranty. I am on my 4th vp in 70k, thats 17k miles per pump. Thats some mighty expensive driving. I am thinking I can build a hand pump that will do better than that. And thats no joke. Let me save you so typing, I know it's my truck, right?
  20. How do we reset the computers on our trucks??I think all I need to do is reset them to get my rig going can anyone help? thankx
  21. Got a p0216 code on the truck. :confused: Sounds like the pocket book is getting a hole in it. Thanks for all the help.
  22. My truck is having a hard time starting. When idling the pump pressure 14. When going 70 it is 11. When trying to start it is 0. I now get the p0216 code and 1693 companion code. It is possible low pressure set off the codes so let's hope that is the case. The codes came a few days after the hard starting started. I have a new oem lift pump. 730k miles.
  23. this morning my truck quit running i got an ecu 1691 from what i read that this is a fuel injection pump controller calibration faliure. any body else have this and how do i fix it ????? bt the way its 02 2500 withh about 56,000 miles on it:confused:
  24. I have an 01 dually,that I bought from my mother after my dad passed away last year from brain cancer. The truck had sat for about 8 months,and after I had driven it for about 4 months,the lift pump failed on the way home from work,and the truck died and I had to tow it home. I replaced the lift pump,but I still couldnt get it to crank and run, it was getting fuel to all but the #1 cylinder. I checked for trouble code but it didnt display any,because the engine light wasnt on. I bought a lift pump and replaced it. I still cant get it to crank,but I did get some codes this time,they are P-1693,P-1689 @P-0122. Is there something I did wrong or something else wrong with the truck,By the way the truck only has 53,000 miles on it,I'm stumped.
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