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  2. For those who haven't read my thread in the 2nd gen side my truck burned up in our shop fire today. So I'm truck shopping but feel pretty unsure of myself since I wasn't planning on truck shopping for a lot of years! For starters a quick search found me a 2008 2500, 6.7 with egr delete, 6 sp manual, reg cab 8 ft box, 165600 km, $23500. What things should I be looking for in this age of truck? I'm totally new to 3rd gen and common rail cummins and manual trannys.
  3. Thanks guys. I hope to replace the truck but now I have no idea what to get!
  4. The shop was on dads yard. I'd made a fire in the woodstove and gone home for dinner. A neighbour driving by stopped at folks and said there was more smoke than usual coming out of the shop. Mom called me so I cruised over on the quad and there was smoke pouring out of the eaves. I went to open the big door to try getting my truck out but I heard stuff falling inside so I said good bye to it and moved stuff away from around the outside. Since it was a farm shop we had a LOT of small parts and tools inside. Wasn't able to save a single thing.
  5. Well guys I don't have to worry about my brakes anymore. Shop burned down this afternoon and the truck was inside😫
  6. No I didn't but I'm all confused. I watched one video where the guy said to put the big shoe to the back. Yet when I looked up info for my old F150 Ford it said to put the big shoe to the front and called it the secondary shoe. Yes I have the bigger cylinders to install. Like I mentioned, I read where they called the big one the secondary🤔 Is there a FSM available online? I don't have one.
  7. I looked at that but it really doesn't give a description of what I'm looking for. My questions specifically are, does the bigger shoe go to the front or the back, does the cable that operates the adjuster pull from the front or rear shoe, and is there a right and left to the arms that turn the star wheel. I got new ones to put in but they both have an L on them making me think they're side specific.
  8. I'm digging into my rear brakes tomorrow. I had one side open the other day to replace the auto adjuster and I have a hunch they've been assemble wrong the last time. Does someone have a diagram of how it all goes together? Like which shoe is the front one, how the cable for the adjuster is routed etc.
  9. Got the job done! At least 120000 km since it was last done and very little adjustment was needed.
  10. How do I get the crank case breather off so I can check for TDC? Does it just pull off? I don't see any type of fastener holding it on.
  11. I'm wanting to adjust my valves tomorrow and tried finding the procedure here. All I'm finding is for 12 valve engines. Is it the same for the 24? If there's an article on it I guess I missed it...
  12. This stuff really fascinates me and also blows my mind how you figure it all out! However is this something you'd sell when you get it figured out? I'd really like to get a he351ve turbo setup sometime.
  13. I'm sure you're right. I just had problems following the directions so I made my own lol.
  14. To me it seemed like it was wired for the common wire to be ground. On our trucks the common is 12 volt and the ground is the switched. So I had to run power to the relay coils and complete the circuit with the ground through the wires from the original headlights.
  15. Yes I made a sport harness. I tried following the instructions in that link but either I did it wrong or the instructions are wrong. So I just sorted through the wiring on my own and got it done.
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