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  1. someone showed me this http://shop.retroshop.us/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=2G%2ERAM%2ERETRO I know this setup works well and is a great upgrade over stock lights but is it worth it for almost 600 has anyone used this particular kit and what are your thoughts of it.
  2. well those stick on ones don't last all that well in the first place with a high vibration situation (IE Cummins 4x4 crappy roads ) but being knocked off by turning the wheel that doesn't seem right
  3. I was unaware of the efforts and monies put out by Micheal and the rest of the staff I am greatly appreciative of what you have done and are doing you will see a good donation from me as soon as I get myself moved to my new house. For the record I have a Chrysler service manual with Cummins supplement together they cost over 200 and I have referenced this site as many if not more times than that manual so 10 for six months isn't bad after reading through the efforts put in by others to keep this great reference going I feel that I owe you guys the cost of a manual along with the monthly do
  4. Sweet looking forward to seeing the progress. Just some food for thought on the bed liner idea, I am a cabinet maker/up-fitter for high end motor coaches and do deal with brand new chassis's from time to time and one thing I have noticed on the new Mercedes and Dodge sprinter cut aways is they use a Line-X or bed-liner type product on the lower panels and underside of the vehicle especially right behind the front tires. That being said IMHO I feel it is better than paint for that part of the vehicle...
  5. Two things primer by itself is not a complete moisture barrier if you need to metal work you take a break for whatever reason I always rattle can prime it and rattle can clear it just for protection. Knowing it will all be sanded down when I come back to the project. if you used self a etching primer already and haven't done any other painting over that most bondo's or finish glazing compounds can be used on top of that primer coat without issue obviously clean and lightly sand first then bondo then sand then paint. otherwise looking good seems like you are on the right path keep it up an
  6. From my experience with a couple of friends 2nd gens and mine width is your enemy... If you can turn and drive with out rubbing(which won't happen) you can put a 37 inch tire in that hole with out much issue height wise (even under articulation) on a stock suspension that being said turning, control arms, and fender corners with all give you trouble with a tire of that size. other hand is 34's with different wheels you may be ok I think it's only a quarter or half inch difference in offset between the 16's and 17's
  7. sounds just like me when it doesn't make sense give up and piece something together that works for you
  8. Interesting I believe you are right... I am no electrical genius just enough to make me dangerous but I can tell you that this was made for our trucks and he built and sold this harness for awhile what I see from the instructions is the ground is the switched (and maybe the common), now it gets 12 volts to the relay directly from the battery and then grounds out by the lamp socket seen in the last picture two grounds and two 12v+ and the negative to the relay comes from the factory harness( like you said), my old man that is an electrical engineer put my harness together for me in trade for m
  9. I am being lazy go down to post #15 there you will see a few pictures the first one is one of our second gen quad cabs underlined with monsterliner... great stuff I personally will never pay for Line-x after using this product. http://forum.mopar1973man.com/index.php?/topic/9298-frame-off-restoration/
  10. It shouldn't be to bad but but I would not suggest trying to paint below 55 degrees optimal range I feel is 55-75 with 50-85 percent relative humidity and this is just my feelings that being said since ​you have no prior experience read the directions till you absolutely and fully understand them, then follow them to the T. Now you may find things that don't work out well and you may need to make adjustment to get what you need but that is painting for the first time... you will find good painters take the directions and modify them to what works for them based on past experience which you h
  11. Gotcha was there a issue with the harness instructions or something got overlooked? mine went together well and it appeared to be working correctly before I broke my truck down for paint...
  12. are you making a harness for going to sport headlights? did you follow the write up posted above? Dropbox - Headlight Harness Instructions 2014.pdf
  13. If you have rust that has pitted the metal you are wasting your time which it sounds like you don't... If you have exposed primer scuff it up or block it my suggestion is don't expose bare metal if at all possible and try to keep your feathering below the radius of the bed if you keep it on the underside it will be very hard for someone to pick out the repair if you must go above the radius I would suggest going all the way up to the first body line... if you get to bare metal and you want it to last make sure you use an etching primer available from paint stores or in a rattle can like this
  14. I don't have a setup for my DD but I use this http://shop.gopro.com/mounts/roll-bar-mount/GRBM30.htmlwith a GoPro for my race car... I like it a lot but don't know if I want an expensive GoPro sitting in my DD in plain sight for anyone to have a go at stealing it... not a bad camera for the price diesel I may have to pick one up for the DD
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