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  2. The gator back is now continental. It seems like it will be good and quite. About $25 from Amazon
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can find one locally
  4. I just had the same problem. My belt was squeaking and found the tensioner going out so I replaced it. That made the belt sound even worse. The belt (gates) is about 5 years old and looks fine but I put my old cracked one I keep for emergencies on and its perfectly quiet.
  5. Well I ended up with a water pump leak so I replaced the pump, timing belt, tensioner, balancer, oil pan gasket, engine mount, spark plugs, and distributor O-ring ( all from rock auto). I still can't get the base timing right on. It's still a few degrees off. It does run better, the plugs were worn pretty good. Could there be an issue with the distributor?
  6. Thanks for the info. I will try that and see. The timing belt was changed before I got it, could it be a tooth off and not cause any other problems?
  7. I was checking to see why my block heater stopped working and found that the plug had burned off. It looks like it got moisture in it and corroded and caused it to arc. Something you may want to check once and a while. If it was kept clean it would probably still work. Picking up a new one from Napa today.
  8. I was able to check the timing but couldn't get it set where it should be. It's still a few degrees off. Is it possible the balancer is bad and turned a little? I know that is possible on some balancers but not sure if it can on these
  9. Also was wondering if I need to weld any, should I unhook the batteries or anything else?
  10. I'm going to do some rust repair on the bottom of my doors and I'm just going to use rattle cans to paint. Does anyone know of a good paint that will match fairly close? It doesn't have to match perfect, I'll just paint up to the trim.
  11. That Anderson adapter looks pretty nice. I have a goose neck already and don't want my bed taken up with a big 5th wheel hitch. It can be easily removed and isn't any more expensive than a cheaper 5th wheel. We may eventually get a 5th wheel RV and I think I may go with this.
  12. I bet if I drained the gas out and filled it with diesel the spark knock would go away xmtysonxm, that's how I tried to check the timing, but nothing happened at first. After I moved the wires around, the check engine light came on and the ABS light started flashing and I wasn't sure if that was normal. I will retry it this weekend, thanks
  13. My daughters civic started pinging under acceleration. No codes but I changed the knock sensor and it improved but didn't stop it completely. I tried to check the base timing but you need to turn off the computer control of the timing by using a jumper wire. When I put the jumper in it doesn't change the timing so I'm not sure how to check it. Any ideas or is there a good Honda forum to check? Thanks
  14. I asked that question when I first got into diesel and found this forum. The old timers I know used to use trans fluid in their gas every now and then to help lube and clean. With what I've learned here it makes a lot more sense to use 2 cycle in our trucks.
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