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  2. Reading this post, when I installed the air dog 100 I went straight the 44,bypassed the heater. I haven't not noticed any problems in the winter, at 4800 ft. So should install some type of heat for the fuel? What would you look for in problems, sorry about jumping in.
  3. Is there any way to figure how much methanol you would use for a certain amount of time. My problem is putting a 5 gallon tank some place, a 1 gallon would be better but would I use it up fast, like long trips with the trailer....thanks
  4. Great video Mike. Reminds of me and the wife when I was in my 30 and 40s hauling wood out warm river in a 72 Chev 1/2 ton long bed, on retreads, wood stacked higher then the cab. Love the woods and the smells of the cut pine, and 2 stroke chain saw....
  5. Here they hang around the stock yards checking tail pipes. Hay AH64ID my partner just moved his ex wife to Kuna, said it wasn't far enough...
  6. I was afraid of that, stinking fuel hose is 12.00 a foot, and it doesn't been very good. May have to hit the wreaking yards.......thanks
  7. I just received a snubber valve and sending unit from glow shift. I called them, about my gauge back and forth from 18lbs to 30. They said the snubber takes care of the different fuel pressure and that the sending unit is going out. Something about dodges, not sure why. Glow shift was very helpful. I hate to replace the sending unit, I always get diesel on me.
  8. Does anyone know if i could use flexible radiator hose to use as a fuel inlet hose, i need the flex to move the fuel inlet, not sure if diesel will destroy the radiator hose......thanks
  9. I do see fuel coming out of the vent tube just below the fill hole when filling on level ground. When on vacation I filled at a pump that was higher on the fill side and lower on the passenger side and it filled with no problems, full speed notch and did not have to watch it, I need to get the vent higher, maybe get out the plasma cutter and put the filler in the bed.......thank
  10. I have a aluminum flat bed. The problem is my filler line is almost level to the tank and when I fill up I to run the pump very so to fast or it shoots fuel out, seems like an hour to fill the truck, never mind the fuel on the shoes. Any ideas to relocate the filler in another place. I maybe could raise the bed up but I like it a the height it is Any ideas, doesn't seem like a lot of trucks have flatbeds. Photos would be great.....thanks
  11. thanks for the reply. Were would you locate the aux cooler or replace the current one in its spot.
  12. Came back from a 1900 mile vacation with the 30ft trailer. Weight w/truck approx 17000lbs to 18000. Part of the trip from Dubious, WY, to about Moran WY, 5 % and a 6 % grades pulls, at 2 to 10 mph for approx. 20 miles , 6900 ft to 9600 ft. This was all road construction, mud, holes, no pavement and a pilot car. The transmission, hit 240+ and the truck at 220. I am running syn. in everything. I pulled over were I could and cooled off at the summit. For 1800 miles the truck ran great. My question would a fan on the transmission cooler help or ad a fan and extra cooler help and which one. I will be going again. Sorry for the long post. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the input, and I believe you are right, so back to wal mart for some more Preston and will do it again.
  14. I flushed my coolant and let it run till clear, then let it drain. When i add coolant it so far only took 4.5 gal. I drove it around and checked when I got home and only added a quart. Did I do something wrong or do I have an air pocket...thanks
  15. Anyone ever removed the mirror from the drivers side visor. I would like to put the back up camera monitor in its place, but don't want destroy the mirror...thanks :D
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