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  1. Well I guess I am a trator!My wife and I decided that we had to do something. Our vehicles were starting to cost to much to keep up.So we went down and traded our two vehicles in on one new one. So I no longer have a dodge truck.I ended up with a Toyota Tundra crewmax. It is a very nice truck and should serve us well into the future.It has a great guarentee and oil changes for the life of the vehicle, along with repairs for the life of it.Sorry but I won't have much to post here anymore. I hope I can leave without being shot.
  2. What once a month!Sounds like PMSPoor Motor Syndrome!Sorry! He He:tongue:
  3. While driving today i hit a dip in the road, and -- i was just enjoying the outside air through the vent fan.After hitting the dip my air changed to real hot air just like i turned the heat control up.The truck blew a fuse, and the door locks quit working all at the same time.Something is not right, but have no idea what. Turned off the vent fan because the air conditioner wouldn't work either, and replaced the fuse to the door locks, now everything works.Guess I'll have to watch those dips in the road.
  4. Well my son and I went down dirt back roads for a ride tonite, came home and did a monster burn out in my backyard.whoppie full circle burned the place up.well so much for a old mans fun!
  5. Well now you have to send everyone a fresh salmon once a month!Ha HaWelcome
  6. It looks crippled! has a walker holding it up! I don't think I would race with a walker under it.
  7. So which wire is that! I can put together a timer that will do the rest
  8. Well I was under the assumption that the lift pump was all that kept the engine running.So what else is controlled by a timer to let a turbo cool down.I want to make my own cool down timer for my truck.
  9. I think I have been lied to by the people that sold me my rebuilt vp44.They said the components were solderd to the vp44, and the pictures look like it plugs in to me.I see four connections in the picture so I bet there is a plug out there that would allow someone to make a lead and plug it in the vp44 and the components in the cab then the outside air and air conditioner could cool them down on a hot day, and long pull. Ok so enough two cycle oil, and cooling of components should make them last almost forever!That's my opinion!
  10. Somone correct me if I am wrong!If my truck is running, and I supply power to the coil of my lift pump relay!Now I turn off the ignition will the engine stay running until I remove power from the lift pump relay?If nothing else stops the engine then that will allow it to run?
  11. Man there is no heat sink!I cant tell if it plugs or solders to the vp44, but the components are in a oven baking.
  12. Ok not a truck post. Most out here have some type of fire arm. So do you need a manual at no charge! http://www.stevespages.com/page7b.htm
  13. Well my only problem is they are in Arizona and were in Oklahoma.I wish I could spend some time with them, money and health issues are our problems. Maybee Ill get lucky hit a lotto. Oops don't play that either. Oh well in time. for now we get pictures.
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