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  1. That sucks the big one Tyler. Sorry man. http://www.ravelco.com/ If it helps.
  2. http://www.competitiondiesel.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2559645#post2559645 http://www.competitiondiesel.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2559645#post2559645
  3. Yeah this is great stuff ^^^^ Been meaning to get it done .... but have been away. Will update soon. Thanks Hag
  4. Figure they are all just bent aluminium steel piping .......no point paying extra unless I want SS. But obviously depends on bends and fitment being good. Side note. Oil leak looks like it's from behind the belt pulley to the right of the water pump somewhere.
  5. Still undecided. I might try a regular exhaust ..... fix oil leaks and steering and go from there As always
  6. Who's got a good cheap regular exhaust recommendation. Cheapest I could find was. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Turbo-Back-Downpipe-Exhaust-System-Kit-For-98-02-Dodge-Ram-Cummins-5-9L-Diesel-/191871317902?fits=Year%3A2002%7CMake%3ADodge%7CModel%3ARam+2500&hash=item2cac6bf78e:g:SGYAAOSwHJhXNUgM&vxp=mtr
  7. Paint is fir making the comp wheel when it's balanced btw. Like Tyler said ..... as long as no in/out play and not touching comp wheel housing ... good to go.
  8. It's fine ;) If you really want to .... Q-tip with some solvent just keep it from going behind comp wheel.
  9. Keep forgetting the middle pull down has cup holders. I need to keep that puppy down. Nice.
  10. Smoke is white/grey. No blue. Actually the issue was always there just I figured it was a p7100 tuning issue when i got the truck I like the idea of the valves/oil rings ......... but I'm becoming more and more convinced its fuel Im seeing and something wrong with the head/compression. Still not 100% sure how to tell though. Compression is definately lower ...... like ~350 .... but its pretty consistent across board and truck starts fine and runs fine with no symptoms and normal blowby. There was definately some head work and the block is oringed. But without pulling the head hard to know ....... and even if I pull the head ...... still going to be hard to know if anything done to block (decked etc) without having engine pulled and taken to shop. Could xplain the lower compression. Open to ideas ........ but not sure pulling the engine (or head) is worth it at this stage until there are bigger symptoms. Might just remove the stack and go back to normal exhaust. Then the smoke at idle will bother me less. http://vid1059.photobucket.com/albums/t430/fakdaddy/truck/20160517_090028.mp4 ^^ worse in real life I feel
  11. Haven't done an oil analysis although I have ordered a kit from Blackstone Labs. Havent done a leakdown but compression was done and they were ok.
  12. Whilst we wait on mr Bill Anyone got ideas on how to determine if its fuel or oil leaking ? Fuel mixed with black soot ........ Or oil. They kinda look the same
  13. Hag - thx. hard to define it more than that. Basically when the power steering was working and was able to turn with 1 finger - everything seems more repsonsive like teh pressure was helping the steering feedback to my hands Now its harder to turn - like before I could easily turn in a parking spot ...... now I have to do 2 turns as it doesnt push the steering far enough on a tight turn. So yes - think Im going to pull the valve/regulator and check the filter........ I have heard of teh washer behind spring - does it go on the backside slipping over the valve/regulator ? Will do this and update.
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