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  1. nevermind. posted above. It is interesting to see the differential above! I kinda am starting to think that the turbine EGT limitations are not from the turbine wheel itself, but from the heat transfer capacity of the bearings/oil flow. I agree that burned pistons are more of a concern than a turbine though. Turbines tend to be killed due to hot shutdowns. On another note, I recall reading in a Northrop A&P text from WW2 that the majority of the heat from a valve travels through the stem, not the seat. Pistons and burned valves are a bit of a con
  2. Randy's ring and pinion, yukon axle. They would be my first calls for parts. If you broke a 70 and have access to an 80, put the 80 in. I broke a 70 and if you are horsing around enough to break spiders, you are likely about to twist off an axle as well.
  3. I didnt know you worked on their site as well! Neat!
  4. I have done similar low pressures and liked the ride... With stiffer sidewalls i got away with it.
  5. Roadkill garage is my favorite, but i have been a steve dulcich fan for 20 years. Roadkill is ok anymore... The latest 69 Mach 1 rescue is great.
  6. I wonder what the hardness and depth of hardness of a pressure plate and flywheel are.
  7. Yikes. I wonder why? Not enough pressure or perhaps driving style?
  8. Well, Chrysler didnt paint it and the old man who owned it put some black astroturf in there which collected water from the dry rotted trunk seal. Now there are some sizable holes, but there is enough to patch back together. Fortunately, the drain holes in the trunk extensions never got plugged, so the quarters and extensions are solid. The main body of rust is right on top of the gas tank. The tank is ok as it was galvanized. The underside had a very liberal undercoat which really helped, along with it being a mostly fair weather car for the guy who owned it.
  9. It is different. Definitely solid and designed to be maintained. Everything but the mostly bulletproof transmission and rear end is really easy to work on. Its like it was designed by engineers who grew up working on clunkers during the war. Its far easier to work on than even a 70s mopar. I have a one car garage. The Chrysler lives in it during driving season and either moves to the family barn or a nice enclosed car hauler in the winter.
  10. I use it as a driver on nice days. I went and got brake pads for the ram and stopped by the archery range to renew my membership on the way home. It will get new exhaust, seat skins, and seatbelts soon... then its ready to be the family weekender. If i can get it ready in time it will be at the super cruise july or August.
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