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  1. Automatics got D70 (10.5" ring gear with 3.5" tube diameter) Manuals got D80 (11.25" ring gear with 4" tube diameter) [Actually a Hybrid D80 with reduced outer ends) On 2500 SRW trucks both axles use the same calipers, rotors and pads as far as I know. The DRW are different as is the axle housing.
  2. Use a good drill bit on the broken bed bolts, they are usually 10.8 metric (think Grade 8+). Soak them good with penetrating oil and drill or ease them out.
  3. Upper and Lower U-bolt plates are different (due to larger diameter of axle). Is yours currently disc or drum rear brakes?
  4. Do a search for MS-5931 or Chrysler5931. On eBay UK there was a listing for WESTWAY LUBRICANTS 1L (10.99 British Pounds), there may be others. Here is a screenshot of a 5L bottle (free shipping) for 35.00 pounds on eBay UK
  5. Are Valvoline products available to you? If you can find it part # 799222 (1 gallon) and # 602241 (1 quart) are what you want. They meet the required specifications.
  6. Spare fuel filters (a bad tank of fuel can really ruin a trip!), spare drive belt, fluids to top off as you go and tools to change the filters on the road if needed. Make sure the trailers have spare tires as well as the trucks. Drive safely and have an enjoyable trip.
  7. As an alternative to the dealer, I use Sta-Lube EQUA-TORQUE differential friction modifier made by CRC. It meets GM#1052358, Ford #M2C118-A and Chrysler #4318060. It comes in a 4 oz tube and is enough for most diffs.
  8. Dripley, you made an excellent choice. Gotta love the Made in USA! Note: Loctite the silver tip on the lead screw, I have had them "walk" off occasionally.
  9. Here are 2 tools that work quite nicely: Lang 87 (USA made) and ATD 4031M (Taiwan, but well made) In the pictures the blue handled one is the ATD. I prefer the Lang, but they both will remove and install an HX35 snap ring(HX35 snap ring in pictures).
  10. Pistons and seals are also available from Rock Auto.
  11. The numbers I listed are for the style pump below and are installed behind the fitting by the red arrow. The ball is a 5/8" diameter ball. Loren -- I believe the DDRP uses a much smaller ball and spring. You might try calling FASS directly, I believe that they have a stiffer spring to increase the pressure (fewer twists, but heavier gauge). Comanche79p -- I am not familiar with the pump that you have, I thought you were talking about the type that I have. Again, you might want to contact FASS as it sounds like your regulator is losing adjustment on its own. I wonder if the extreme cold could be affecting the regulator components. Sorry for any confusion.
  12. Where are you reading pressure? (Between FASS and OEM filter housing, after OEM filter, ...). It could be a bad pressure sender, possibly affected by the cold or "hammered" by the VP44 (not enough snubber line to protect from pulses). If the sensor is after the filters, they shouldn't cause a climb in pressure (possibly a drop in pressure due to dirty or restricted filters). If the sensor is before any of the filters, a rise could indicate a dirty or restricted filter. You might also want to do the FASS check ball upgrade -- Air Dog 1V-1-00003 17# spring and 3B-10-0.625 Viton ball (better than FASS original ball -- may have a groove in it causing it to stick). I bought mine from Vulcan Diesel. BTW: My pump is a FASS TD08095G Titanium purchased 08/2013 -- only problem was a groove in the OEM check ball after 7 years and I replaced it this past year to correct a fluctuating pressure reading on my gauge. Now I have 17-18 psi at idle and 15 - 16 psi at WOT. The Air Dog spring seems to be very accurate.
  13. "Usually" CA is measured at 32 degrees F and CCA is measured at 0 degrees F.
  14. I use FPPF Total Power (00343) year round at the rate of 1 ounce per 8 gallons of fuel ( 1 quart treats about 250 gallons of fuel). No fuel issues on my 2002 Dodge Cummins or 2002 Chevy Duramax (both owned since new). This gives antigel, lubricity increaser, cetane booster, water dispersant and injector cleaner all in one treatment. I also use it in my Deutz (oil cooled diesel) powered Bobcat, no problems here either. It costs me about $1.80 to treat 35 gallons of fuel or just over $ .05 per gallon.
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