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  1. Look at the Nitto Trail Grappler (I have 285/75R16E size on my 2500 Cummins and they are great -- no lift), they are very much like the original BFG Mud Terrain (not the crap KM2 or KM3 redesign).
  2. Also check that the CAD collar is fully engaging (if CAD equipped). May be "floating" in a turn position if not fully engaged and jumping on the teeth. The floor shifter may be moving easily, but the vacuum actuator may not be fully engaging the axle lock collar.
  3. Nitto Terra Grapplers(AT) and Trail Grapplers(MT). Have had great luck with both.
  4. Freeway diesel prices are higher because it isn't as easy to go downtown with a large truck as it is with a car.
  5. I'm new to the Smarty, just got one. For initial install I disconnected my Edge EZ and reconnected the factory plug. The programming went smoothly, including the tire size adjustment (factory 265/75R16 to 255/85R16 -- 32.75"). Questions: In the future should I disconnect the EZ to change SW# and is it normal on initial ABS adjustment to show current tire size as 00.00" ? Also, to be clear --- Even SW# with Edge EZ and Odd or Even SW# Smarty alone? After ABS adjustment it shows current tire size as 32.75" and the 2 #s indicating currently vin locked to my truck. Thanks for any info, Joe
  6. Also, you may also need a scan tool (DRBIII, Genysis, OTC, ...) capable of activating the ABS module to flush old fluid out and any air trapped in module. Not as simple as the old days.
  7. Pressure from master cylinder end is my preferred method. If you want to vacuum bleed the system try pulling the bleeder nipples and coat the threads with paste type anti seize compound (helps to keep the nipples free and prevents air infiltration during bleeding process. Also be sure to replace any missing bleeder nipple covers (keeps junk & moisture out). Joe
  8. Versachem 11109 (Amazon) Works every time. Clean glass area with razor blade first, followed by brake cleaner on a paper towel, followed by alcohol (wipe, not to drink!). Slightly scuff button and clean with brake cleaner and alcohol. Then follow instructions on package. Do not touch either bonding surface with your hands (oil residue -- will cause failure). Good luck Joe
  9. If the locker you want isn't available for a 70 it probably isn't available for the 80 either. FYI - do some research on the e-lockers, they have a built in flaw that you may not like. When going from forward to reverse or reverse to forward they will unlock for approximately 1/4-to 1/2 a wheel revolution due to the cam locking design (may not be a big deal for you). ARBs are locked as long as air is supplied. Check out this site:
  10. Is that a front bumper or a diving platform?
  11. Instead of Limited Slip Differential, you might consider an ARB air locker. Best of both worlds -- open diff until you need it, then basically a spool when locked.
  12. Disregard this response, I missed that you already ordered a pump. Another option FASS Titanium 95gph.
  13. I ran my fingernail over the numbers and they are indeed etched into the metal.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I hadn't thought about laser engraving. I will be getting these for my future upgrade. Just wanted to make sure they are legit and it looks like they are good to go.
  15. Looking at some Bosch 0 432 193 635 injectors. They are in what appear to be Bosch boxes and sealed in yellow plastic bags. The numbers are stenciled (inked) on them. They are packed individually. Are the numbers supposed to be engraved or inked on these?. I am attaching 3 pictures.
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