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  1. Pistons and seals are also available from Rock Auto.
  2. The numbers I listed are for the style pump below and are installed behind the fitting by the red arrow. The ball is a 5/8" diameter ball. Loren -- I believe the DDRP uses a much smaller ball and spring. You might try calling FASS directly, I believe that they have a stiffer spring to increase the pressure (fewer twists, but heavier gauge). Comanche79p -- I am not familiar with the pump that you have, I thought you were talking about the type that I have. Again, you might want to contact FASS as it sounds like your regulator is losing adjustment on its own. I won
  3. Where are you reading pressure? (Between FASS and OEM filter housing, after OEM filter, ...). It could be a bad pressure sender, possibly affected by the cold or "hammered" by the VP44 (not enough snubber line to protect from pulses). If the sensor is after the filters, they shouldn't cause a climb in pressure (possibly a drop in pressure due to dirty or restricted filters). If the sensor is before any of the filters, a rise could indicate a dirty or restricted filter. You might also want to do the FASS check ball upgrade -- Air Dog 1V-1-00003 17# spring and 3B-10-0.625 Viton ball (be
  4. "Usually" CA is measured at 32 degrees F and CCA is measured at 0 degrees F.
  5. I use FPPF Total Power (00343) year round at the rate of 1 ounce per 8 gallons of fuel ( 1 quart treats about 250 gallons of fuel). No fuel issues on my 2002 Dodge Cummins or 2002 Chevy Duramax (both owned since new). This gives antigel, lubricity increaser, cetane booster, water dispersant and injector cleaner all in one treatment. I also use it in my Deutz (oil cooled diesel) powered Bobcat, no problems here either. It costs me about $1.80 to treat 35 gallons of fuel or just over $ .05 per gallon.
  6. I started reading this post and it brought back old memories: $5.00 got you a half tank of gas, full service (check oil, water and clean the windshield) and usually a free glass (Siteman Oil in St. Louis) and our McDonalds was a walk up (no inside dining) with an arch on each side of the building that went through the roof, usually went there in my parents '55 Belair or '63 Chevy station wagon -- Good times Oh, and a brick (500) Winchester Super-X .22LR was $3.50 -- less than a penny each!!
  7. I usually only use it from January - February each year. I keep it clean and conditioned with vinyl protectant. When not in use it is stored in the shop. It is very heavy duty construction. It looks like new because it was just cleaned.
  8. Well, here is the "rare" winter cover. Attached are a couple pictures of the winter cover that came with my '02. I just put it on a new grill for display purposes. The cover wraps around the grill and covers about 6" of the hood. It attaches with Velcro, straps and wedges (no tools needed). It can be rolled down and secured with attached straps. This is the OEM winter grill. It has a split zipper to open. It has a non-absorbent felt backing and an upper "air wedge" to keep it tight to the hood. First picture is fully open Second picture is fully closed
  9. I have been running Odyssey 34M-PC1500 AGM batteries for 8 years so far with excellent results (880 CCA @ 0 degrees F x 2 = 1760 CCA total). You get a battery that fits the tray, has the standard top terminals and SS studs for accessory connections.
  10. If you haven't decided on air suspension yet, you might want to look at this companies towing system -- air front replacement and 4-link rear. https://www.airbagit.com/category-s/2292.htm Scroll down to your year frame.
  11. Just a note for all of you rebuilding your TracLoks. Match mark the case halves as the bearing mounts are machined with the unit assembled. Also match mark any parts to be reused (internals don't like to be rearranged). The close up is of a factory paint match mark and the overall shows match marking for reassembly. Hope this helps.
  12. Check local rental yard -- you may be able to rent a case spreader (be sure to have a dial indicator -- no more than .015" spread!).
  13. Might also check cmgearworks.com Large supplier of OEM Dana/Spicer parts (located in Springfield, MO) Dana/Spicer 2003857 TL overhaul kit 295.00 [Dana 80, 35 spline, Dodge & Ford] Clutches only 225.00 [old p/n 2003819 -- new p/n 702009, for D70 or D80]
  14. NIsaacs You might want to try loading that skidsteer the other way (back it in). The way you have it, it is a "float" load -- not enough on the tongue. Float loads don't add enough traction weight on the trucks rear axle. Just a thought to consider in the future. Joe
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