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  1. LegendaryKing

    Time for a clutch

    Truck is stock for now. I'm researching the most reliable way to meet my 400-500 hp goal and I'm conservative and tend to over build for reliability. This comes from my time building racecars. Light weight, high strength, low cost; pick 2. I'll probably end up building a truck capable of handling 700+ and feed it a diet of 450ish. At least that is the track record I have so far. I have driven and built a number of multi-disc clutches over the years. The shift quality remains OE in all of them; however the clutch tends to grab right away ... There is no slipping a clutch in traffic to keep you out of the guy in front of you's trunk. If the rear main seal isn't leaking I'll leave it be. Thanks for your help everyone. BTW, clutch is already here.
  2. LegendaryKing

    Time for a clutch

    The twin disc ... Called them up on the phone. I'm thinking I should replace the rear main seal while I'm in there. Anything else I should look at?
  3. LegendaryKing

    Time for a clutch

    Clutch & hydraulics ordered from DAP. Thanks for your help everyone.
  4. LegendaryKing

    Time for a clutch

    So I still need to get a slave and master? Or this part replaces those?
  5. LegendaryKing

    Time for a clutch

    Diesel Auto power is a sponsor? Then I'll order it from them. Dap lists a southbend heavy duty hydraulic assembly. Is that the master and slave?
  6. LegendaryKing

    Time for a clutch

    Who is DAP?
  7. The clutch is slipping so it's time to upgrade. It's so bad I hope I make it home. Which online store has good customer service and sells southbend clutches?
  8. I'm trying to decide if I keep it tame with rv275's or go more wild with it. My concern is at 400-500hp is the truck still reliable? What is the turbo selection for 400-500hp? I was looking at the Audrino gen 4 turbo but I'm not certain that is a good choice yet. Heating what up? I'm waiting on the PTO extensions to come in the mail and I'm changing to redline oil. By an extra quart are you recommending that to overfill the transmission to cover certain parts or simply for additional volume for extra capacity to absorb heat? Is this a good choice for a turbo? http://fleeceperformance.com/dodge/1994-2002-63mm-fmw-hx35-cheetah-turbocharger-brand-new-no-core-charge.html
  9. I have 4.10 gears and you have the 3.55's according to your article. Stock tires are 245/75 R16 Currently running 265/65 R18
  10. LegendaryKing

    The Future of Trucks

    Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles SHOULD be the future but probably won't. Unfortunately the EPA/US Government owns the licensing and is down right impossible to work with. Add to that Congress is pushing electric vehicles with tax breaks for development, production, and purchase with ZERO dollars going to HHV (or any other non electric/battery development) ... this working, affordable, light weight, REAL, CURRENT technology may never see the light of day. Not to mention, HHV's can work WITH electric vehicles to extend range and performance. (insert crazy conspiracy theory here)
  11. Truck: 2001 1 ton Quad Cab 4x4 6 speed HO 24v 5.9 VP44 150k miles Diamond Eye 4” stainless exhaust Fuel Boss lift pump w/ big line kit Stock other than that Philosophy of use: Truck is to be a safe and reliable daily driver. Truck will also be used to tow a small camper short and long distances. Reliability, fuel economy, and towing capability with low EGT’s are more important than a large dyno number. Goal: Reliable 24v in the 400-500hp range (Number is less important than a good running truck). Keeping the VP44 Trying to decide if RV275's and tuner are the best route (staying mild and reliable) or if I should go wild with much larger injectors and a turbo(s) upgrade. I'm looking for recipes and don't know when things start to break in the drive line/engine. Really liking the SMARTY Touch with UDC Pro On the plus side the truck pulled a 3,500lb camper up 6% grades and I only had to down shift into 5th occasionally. Most of the time it kept pulling at the 65-70mph range in 6th gear. Unfortunately the truck STILL has ridiculously slow acceleration.
  12. Nothing new on the truck. Been working on a certification for work and haven't had a spare minute in the last 60+ days and probably won't for another 90+.
  13. LegendaryKing

    Stupid Coffee Makers

    We had the same problem with most of the appliances in our home. We switched to a Bialetti Moka coffee maker and never looked back. No electronics to go bad, better tasting (less sour and stronger) and easy to clean. We were also going through toasters about once every 6 months ... and we made toast maybe once or twice a week. Purchased everything from the consumer reports recommendation to internet praised units. Switched to a Sunbeam T9 toaster (1939 debut) about five years ago and haven't looked back. Then there was the time the circuit board in our oven fried and the broiler turned on and wouldn't shut off. I had to shut the oven off at the breaker. It boiled over and scorched a pot that was soaking on the top of the stove, melted a decorative towel that was on the handle. The element got so hot that it started to fall and was mm's away from the door glass. The repair man said we were minutes away from the element making contact with the glass, having the glass explode and setting the kitchen on fire. The house was already full of white smoke ... the lesson learned is we now have a gas stove with an external manual shut off valve. I could go on, but the sentiment is it's difficult to find products made now that aren't 100% pure garbage.
  14. Sounds good. I appreciate it.
  15. Just as the title suggests. What tools do you keep in your truck 24/7? My list is ever changing but right now I have: Tarp Ratchet straps Stretch Net Vice Grip Claw Hammer Pry bar Belt tensioner tool (and belt) Small ratchet kit Adjustable wrench Channel lock pliers Screwdrivers Zip ties Tow strap Bottle jack I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have used all of these tools for everything conceivable and some things I never imagined. What do you keep in your truck?