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  1. Nothing new on the truck. Been working on a certification for work and haven't had a spare minute in the last 60+ days and probably won't for another 90+.
  2. LegendaryKing

    Stupid Coffee Makers

    We had the same problem with most of the appliances in our home. We switched to a Bialetti Moka coffee maker and never looked back. No electronics to go bad, better tasting (less sour and stronger) and easy to clean. We were also going through toasters about once every 6 months ... and we made toast maybe once or twice a week. Purchased everything from the consumer reports recommendation to internet praised units. Switched to a Sunbeam T9 toaster (1939 debut) about five years ago and haven't looked back. Then there was the time the circuit board in our oven fried and the broiler turned on and wouldn't shut off. I had to shut the oven off at the breaker. It boiled over and scorched a pot that was soaking on the top of the stove, melted a decorative towel that was on the handle. The element got so hot that it started to fall and was mm's away from the door glass. The repair man said we were minutes away from the element making contact with the glass, having the glass explode and setting the kitchen on fire. The house was already full of white smoke ... the lesson learned is we now have a gas stove with an external manual shut off valve. I could go on, but the sentiment is it's difficult to find products made now that aren't 100% pure garbage.
  3. Sounds good. I appreciate it.
  4. Just as the title suggests. What tools do you keep in your truck 24/7? My list is ever changing but right now I have: Tarp Ratchet straps Stretch Net Vice Grip Claw Hammer Pry bar Belt tensioner tool (and belt) Small ratchet kit Adjustable wrench Channel lock pliers Screwdrivers Zip ties Tow strap Bottle jack I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have used all of these tools for everything conceivable and some things I never imagined. What do you keep in your truck?
  5. So the quadzilla works like the old school Haltech Interceptor and Greddy e-manage. Interesting. Why does no one rate injectors by what they flow?
  6. I don't know that you will see a power difference between the two. You may see transitional differences in environments that differ from where the truck was originally tuned. That is wholey dependent on how/what maps the quadzilla uses. From my VERY limited perusal quadzilla seems to hit the global adder tables. Nothing wrong with that at all! Just not my preference as sometimes additional resolution helps with those transitions. What is the stock injector size in my 01 HO? I would like to match the performance/specs of the current generation cummins trucks, maybe exceed it by a tad. That is why I really like the work you did with the arduino VGT turbo. Double the current power of the truck, but keep it in an OEM range. ;)
  7. I just signed up. Thanks for the information. The learning curve shouldn't be that difficult. I haven't looked at the software yet, but so long as the necessary tables are available in the software than just about anything is possible. I have a lot of history tuning OEM computers, standalone computers, and piggy back tuners. You guys hit my weakness with pure kryptonite by showing me the smarty udc! I just may keep the VP. We'll see after I look through the software. Thanks!
  8. What parameters can you datalog in the smarty? Not what tunes, which maps can you adjust? Base fuel? Altitude fuel? Injector slope? Torque management? etc etc etc. What is actually available to modify in my truck? The reason I asked about a minimum injector duration is multi-fold but can be summed up quickly. If you can only command a max of "X" duration simply increase the size of the injector to add the fuel you want at that "X" duration. Then adjust the duration of injector pulsewidth down everywhere else thereby eliminating the whole wiretap. The problem with this is being able to control the injector at short duration such as idle. Depending on the cc/physical attributes of an injector depends on how quickly it can open and close and what the minimum amount of fuel you can inject. Not being live isn't a deal breaker, but it does extend tuning time. Test & data-log, change, test & data-log to confirm changes had the outcome you desired.
  9. Ok, wow. So many questions. Wire tap simply increases injector duration (pulsewidth) beyond the maximum duration the VP44 will allow. Is there a minimum duration for the VP44? Is the smarty live? In other words if I make a change in the map does it affect what is going on right now? If it is live, does it show the live cell it is operating in? If it is not live does it provide dataloging? What maps does the smarty provide?
  10. That is phenomenal. How do I get that tuner? Is that available right now? We do the same thing on gasoline engines with regards to ignition timing and load. The question I would have is how do you perform this type of tuning on a diesel. With a gasoline engine I pump up the ignition timing until the power plateaus then I know I'm a good few degrees away from detonation. With an engine that runs on cylinder pressure combustion I'm curious how we can do that.
  11. It sure did get a bad name. The internet hates it, and every fleet diesel mechanic I know hates it from their personal experience. I'm seeking knowlege before I jump head first into this and this forum is doing an EXCELLENT job of providing information and for that I am thankful. So, once you got the timing correct for your truck, there was no difference between a VE and VP44? The only difference was the VP44 was easier because mechanical timing is difficult to set? I'll be honest, I didn't realize the VP44's had dropped that much in price. $950 isn't too unreasonable. VE connects to factory lines via an adapter. ~$20 Injectors don't factor into the price of the swap in my circumstance IMHO. I'm going to have to do injectors anyway for the power I want to make no matter what pump is on the truck. Stock injectors just aren't going to cut it. Why would I need a cam gear? Overflow/Fuel Pressure regulator $46 new. Timing case would be used, no need to go new on that. Pump should be new. What can Smarty UDC touch do for the VP44 trucks?
  12. I would like to discuss cost. From what I understand cost for a VE pump would be less than a VP44 pump over the expected service life of the pump. Upfront costs of the swap may be more depending on how you install and with what parts you utilize. EX: Costs dramatically increase with cam removal instead of cam gear removal. Costs increase with billet timing cases and tuned high performance VE pumps. Either way, this is something I would like to plan out and have all the facts in hand before a decision is made and a project is started. So please do not hesitate to add more information to this thread with regards to cost. Agreed 100% that any mechanical or electrical part has a service life and can fail at any time including during that expected good service life. Though regular maintenance, and preventative maintenance replacing worn parts or parts that are nearing the end of their expected service life mitigates that risk to what I believe is an acceptable rate. From what I have read the VP44 has a short expected service life, and a possible long service life if you take care of it a specific way. That VP44 long service life is an outlier where a VE service life is well documented. The VE pump has a long expected service life which in high performance use is double the "maybe possible" service life of a VP44. My state doesn't have yearly inspections. The only inspection is at purchase and bi-yearly smog checks don't include diesel vehicles.
  13. No emissions for diesel trucks here.
  14. First, I want to thank everyone in this thread, the knowledge sharing is GREATLY appreciated. Next I'm going to ask more n00b questions so please bare with me. So, fuel economy approx equal to VP44 is achievable, so there is no advantage to the VP44 there. I will lose diagnostics, however I believe the diagnostics of the VP44 are strictly related to how the electronics in the pump are performing, now how well the pump is performing. Is that correct? You are 100% correct, the horror stories have me worried about being on the side of the road in the middle of know where with a truck full of kids and our trailer. Thanks for the articles, all of those will be implemented. I currently run 2 cycle and notice a difference. The electrical system will be upgraded substantially. I'm curious about "filtration". I have read in numerous places that the 01/02 fuel filter can't be beat. Is there contrary information to this? How do I find out which cruise control I have? A shop that replaced the ABS unit knocked off a vacuum line and I lost cruise control. Does that help identify which I have? So the only advantage to a VP44 is the ability to electronically tune and raise and lower hp with the touch of a button. Is there something I'm missing about raising and lowering the power level? Why is this desirable? This is not a "smart ***" question, I genuinely don't know if there is something I'm missing. I appreciate the response! Good to know. Thanks! Good to know. Thanks! Again, I appreciate the insight you guys are providing!
  15. Thank you for the information. I'm still trying to learn Cummins/Diesel vocabulary and I have a few questions. 1. Timing cover, is this just the face plate cover or is this the entire timing case? 2. Overflow valve, is this a fuel pressure regulator? If so is a dodge specific "overflow valve" required or can I just use a regulator of my preference? Thank you for the reply from someone that has done the VP to VE 24v swap. Why is the quadzilla and VP44 far more desirable to drive? What am I going to lose in the VP44 removal? If a VE pump can provide the fuel requirements I need to make the power I want, why would I need more volume? This is the first I have heard of a VP equaling the reliability of a VE. I'm not saying it's not true, I'm just saying this is the first I have heard of it. Is there any more information out there confirming this new information? Thanks!