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  2. Most likely wet filter element. With as much as I have my hood open when its raining I think the few extra dollars is worth the protection some mesh can provide against the filter entering my engine. Also, good information about the filter minder from the source: http://filterminder.com/resources/learn-more/39-resources.html
  3. Anyone running the fleetguard AH19004? It is the marine BHAF with the mesh on the inside to keep the filter from collapsing.
  4. Now days we all have multiple products that work on bluetooth in our trucks but unfortunately our cell phones can only connect to a single bluetooth instance. What are you guys using as a bluetooth hub/router for your cell phones in your truck? Does it work with all your aftermarket toys?
  5. UPDATE! My regular maintenance/repair mechanic is an obsessive compulsive perfectionist. I drove my truck last week because he didn't like the "noise and vibration" he was getting from the trans. It's actually quieter than when it was stock and has less vibration (almost zero) through the shifter. It's actually a little on the disappointing side as it use to feel like a truck, and now the clutch/shifter/noise feels civilized. I believe that is due to a proper install and a high quality clutch. I wonder how much more mass/dampening you get from the twin-disc over a factory clutch? I had a few other problems that are getting repaired but I have to wait my turn in line so hopefully the truck will be ready soon but at least I'm out of the woods.
  6. Shop got the trans in and are working on some other minor issues (4wd, etc) however they mentioned they are hearing a rattling/vibration sound while accelerating in gear. Anyone got an idea what that could be?
  7. I change the factory filter with every oil change. I use Baldwin filters for oil and fuel as they are manufactured in the USA where Fleetguard is manufactured in Mexico.
  8. Vehicle: Truck Norris Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2019-03-05 Truck Norris
  9. I have the tools, ability, but not the time. Wish I did. Had you said something before I would have taken you up on this challenge. ;) Life lessons are painful from time to time. Even if you choose a shop that has a good reputation, with lots of examples of excellent work, you can find a problem from time to time. A truly good shop stands behind their work; thankfully the shop I have running cleanup on this job does just that.
  10. Where to start? The performance shop that installed the clutch did not have availability to check the install and said it was fine/normal operation. Very acceptable right? They are now out of business. That was not satisfactory so I dropped the truck off with a regular maintenance shop run by a family I trust. The list of problems the new shop found is long. First, the flywheel had cardboard between it and the crank so it was not on straight. In addition the bolts were finger tight … yes FINGER TIGHT! The clutches were not installed in the proper orientation (was organic towards center) and the clutch fork had a bright yellow sticker on it which stated, “Remove the washer before installation” … the washer was not removed. Several bolts were missing from various places on the transmission including bolts that held the transmission to the block, top cover bolts (the transmission was leaking from there), and several other places. I will have to look at my receipt for all the mission bolts once I get the truck back. In addition, the previous shop dropped the transmission on the front diff actuator (broken) and crushed some of the metal vacuum lines, which disabled the 4-wheel drive. The previous shop also killed both batteries in the truck, and instead of fully charging or replacing the batteries they jump-started it and the alternator could not handle the additional amperage of trying to charge two dead batteries so it welded itself solid (that is why I needed a Mechman alternator). Upon replacing the alternator, the shop broke my fan shroud, and somehow in this space of time broke my hood light. As of Friday, the transmission is back in the truck and the shop is working on fixing the 4-wheel drive. The shop wants to take it on a test drive to see if the shifting is better (it was HORRIBLE to shift) or if additional internal work needs to be completed such as shift forks. They believe all the issues due to the atrocious install were the cause of the appalling shifting, vibration, and noise and additional internal work is not necessary; however, the shop needs to complete a test drive to verify that.
  11. I have run alternators with smaller pulleys for years on cars that rev to 7k plus. The 3250 rev limit on our trucks shouldn't be a problem.
  12. UPDATE: I installed the factory size belt. I'll update this after a few miles. Factory size belt New Tensioner and pulley New Mechman alternator with the smaller pulley.
  13. So I just had a Southbend Dual Disc Clutch installed in my NV5600 truck and the whole truck shakes. If you press the clutch pedal in the shaking stops. Once the truck warms up it shakes less. It feels like the truck is running on 5 cyl. What is going on? Did the shop install the clutch wrong? Is this normal?
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