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  1. Dliv43


  2. Soo I've recently picked up a ii silverbullet 64/74 from cousin who decided to bark her one to many times lol, from my research so far I've found rebuild kit for thrust bearings, etc but I'm having a problem trying to find a compressor wheel and turbine for it. Thanks for reading and any help in advance
  3. So I thought I had exploded my rear but when I popped the cover off I had only just busted the cross pin for the spider gears is their any difference in the spider gears and cross pin between the 70s and 80s? Because I cant find a 70 for decent price
  4. Dliv43

    Quadzilla 4k

    Thanks!!! Glad you all actually helped me out, compared to must places where they'd just bashed on me for not knowing how lol
  5. Dliv43

    Quadzilla 4k

    Yes I noticed that it is a very aggressive programmer, the truck is a weekend warrior that gets hooked to the sled and taken to the track for fun nothing to fancy lol. I love how hard it fuels up, how do I get my box compatible with the V2 tuning? Quadzilla really does unlock the beast in a 2nd gen that's for sure!!
  6. Dliv43

    Quadzilla 4k

    I'm pretty sure it's the v2 tuning, I bought it brand new maybe a month ago tops, and sorry I forgot to put I do have arp425 studs, I this Friday my springs and pushrods will be ordered. How do I know if its a v2 or older file? Kinda new to the whole quadzilla stuff all I've ever had before this truck is a common rail and it was EFI live.
  7. Dliv43

    Quadzilla 4k

    Okay can someone please help, truck starts cracking and popping like crazy at WOT on any level above 4 can someone please say why? I've read all the v2 tuning files and can't get it straightened out, my supporting mods are big KY single disk, 100hp injectors, fass 150, full 4 inch exhaust.