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  1. No, I didn't remove it. Thought maybe someone would be able to say if theres a problem with the quad or something with the truck.
  2. Hi everyone. My truck runs fine all the time except when I start it and when high idle kicks on it gets to about 1000 rpm's and the truck dies. I have turned off the Quadzilla xzt to see if that helps but it doesn't change anything. Just wondering if its a Quadzilla issue or an engine issue?? I'm thinking its something to do with the chip but let me know because I have no idea if it isnt that.Thank You!!
  3. Hey guys! I was just throwing this out there for anyone to make a comment on their preference.I have been looking at replacing both batteries and am thinking between interstate and optima. They are both 30 month free replacement batteries. Optima seems cool because of regular battery with abit of deep cycle so you can use it without engine and not have to worry about jump starting or trickle charging. Interstate I have heard is good also but where I work we have had issues with them from time to time. Let me know what you guys think!Thanks!
  4. I understand the truck 10 years ago didn't need anything. When the truck was mostly stock when I bought it, it didn't need anything either but people do suggest everyday lift pumps, air intake, gauges, etc. Maybe this is another defect? haha. kinda being sarcastic. It didn't do it till I added the airdog and quadzilla. Thanks guys! --- Update to the previous post... Thank you, appreciate the help!! --- Update to the previous post... Wow! I need rosetta stone for that comment! haha. Just kidding but it is alittle on the past my understanding. I am going to change the batteries for sure and I will have to load test the alternator also just to make sure. Thank you!
  5. Gotcha, thank you! I will have to look up the adjustment for the throttle cable and look into the speed sensor as well. I ordered the noise isolator and we will see what that does for start. Thanks!
  6. Sorry but what do the initials stand for? TV I thought was maybe throttle cable but VSS? Thanks!
  7. Thank you! Found that one last night but having problems installing it! The new hardware box won't pop up and try updating drivers cuz it was setup with windows xp adn I have windows 7 and it just won't work. Talked to three techs from Quadzilla and nothing! Still trying though, thanks for the help!
  8. Sweet! I thought someone would be able to answer that question. Thank you for your response. Do you happen to know what the file I can download to help that is called? Thanks again.
  9. Thank you for that video. I will pull the turbo and see what is up. So if that opens freely it is okay and if its rusted shut and wont open then you replace the turbo or what? Thanks!
  10. I think the transmission question is probably something simple. Probably related to the Quadzilla or that sensor someone else mentioned. Who knows! Is there a thread on explaining what to do for rusted wastegate or some pictures? Not sure if its in the turbo or where it is? Thanks!
  11. Hi guys. I have a couple questions on what is going on with my truck. I noticed I am shifting too early where the RPM's are low and it surges or jerks until the RPM's get higher. It is shifting into 4th gear with OD off at 25mph and it happens also about 45mph where its shifting into high gear and doing the same thing with OD on. Tonight I was doing a couple road tests and I got on it alittle more than usual and when I got home because of how it was acting, I used my scangauge and I had a p0234 code. So I have been doing alittle reading about the wastegate etc which I do not understand and wonder how the code is related to what is going on with my truck. Is it something else with these symptoms??? The only thing I have done different recently is have an Airdog 100 installed and hooked my Quadzilla XZT up a month ago. Any suggestions or answers are appreciated!!
  12. Hi guys! Two days ago I had my Airdog100 installed at a shop local to the area I live. That night I went and picked it up and I had 22 miles to drive home. It idled fine when I left the shop, partway home it kinda sputtered alittle like there was a dead pedal for a couple seconds. Parked in garage and next day went to go get kids and it did it again with the pedal. I got it home and looked it over. Two hours later went to go pick kids up and it wouldnt start at first. I could hear the pump engage and then I left key on for about 30 sec just in case it needed that time to build pressure. It did finally start and rpm's were from 800 down to 500 jumping back and forth. It idled for about two minutes and it died and would not start. When installing the pump they broke the fuel pressure sending unit but I had them put a gauge on there and they said it was jumping between 15-20. So, I towed it back to the shop. Yesterday they looked at it and called them last night and they said it wasn't sucking enough fuel from the tank so they put a drawstraw in. Kinda worries me they didn't know what they were doing. My main question is if they said all of that was caused by not enough fuel getting sucked out of the tank and starving the pump I assume that means low pressure as well which is weird cuz they told me 15-20. Would this incident have caused any damage to the VP44? I guess being that it's crucial to have good fuel pressure I guess it ran for about 40 minutes or so on I would imagine low or no pressure according to them. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  13. I replaced it because it fell apart and it set off ABS light, brake light and speedometer stopped working. --- Update to the previous post... Thanks guys! I did drain and replace oil. No shavings in there. Must have just caught the speed sensor when the rear end was first replaced. I think its good. Probably change oil again next oil change to do a final check to make sure.
  14. Hi there. Had my Airdog100 installed yesterday and the mechanic went to put the fuel pressure sending unit in and broke the nut at the top for the ground! I was wondering if I could solder that and make it work or figure out a way to use it where it will hold together? Guess it's not that expensive but why order a new one if this one is fine. I will include a pic and hopefully you can see it good enough to tell me. Thanks guys!
  15. Next time I post pics I will use a camera and take alittle more time. It was just a bit awkward and with my iphone that didn't want to cooperate. haha. Anyways, didn't see any marks or chunks out of teeth and at the bottum of hte differential there was only oil, no filings or chunks. Wiped it out good, cleaned it up and sealed it back on there. Hoping I don't have any problems with it. BTW, it was nice to chat with you guys last night. We will have to do it again soon sometime! Thanks!
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