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  1. I'm helping a buddy with his 1998 3500. Has the nv4500 on it. How and the heck do you bleed out the slave cylinder? I can't find any thing on it to bleed it with. [ATTACH]4518[/ATTACH][ATTACH]4519[/ATTACH]Thanks for the help!
  2. Just like a good steak. Got to trim the fat for the good stuff!
  3. So the cup holder is good? I need to put my radio siren controller and light system on the trans hump but dident want to lose my cup holder.
  4. Here's where i got mine. https://www.treadwright.com/
  5. It was 113 here in Texarkana yesterday night...
  6. Sounds good. Mine was a pain to get out but on the way back from Napa I got a ratchet wrench in a 10MM worth every cent. Got the new starter in stalled in 10 min flat!
  7. My old started started doing that a few months ago. Left me stranded when the starter would run but not turn the motor. i just put a new starter in it works like brand new now.
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