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  1. I talked to Todd several times, and checked everything out that he suggested. He thinks I have a gremlin living in it. Still no start, but getting fuel to rail an Injectors. I'm at my witt's end with this truck!
  2. OK so this afternoon, I took the fuel supply line off of the cp3 and I'm getting a good rate of flow. Took the banjo bolt out and I'm getting minimal flow out of the pump. Unplug the fca and it's acting like it wants to crank but no start.
  3. I’m gojng to do a cp3 flow rate in the morning! And also check the supply line flow.
  4. Lift pump is working....replaced it with new oem lp. No light goes off and stays off. Light goes off and stays off till recycle
  5. Ok I’m only getting 400 psi when cranking unplug the fca an still nothing. Cracked fuel line going to the rail and no flow.
  6. Ok I know I haven't been around for a while! Anyways, recently bought 12 Ram 2500 6.7 HO 4x4, mileage 281,000! I know the truck personally and good friends with the guy I bought it from. Was driving down the road the other day about 65mph and it started acting like it didn't wanna go, Pulled in grabbed a bite to eat, get back in and it was little hard starting, and kinda sluggish in o/d. Get back to the shop and decided to replace the fuel filter, now it wasn't dirty and kinda slow to fill back up, so replaced intank lift pump have good fuel pressure and flow to filter. Truck will try to hit once and that's it, accidently cleared the codes but do remember that it said something about low fuel rail pressure. Hooked up diagnostic tool again and monitored fuel pressure it's running about 4,000 at starting but will not start, no tuner, bone stock. Any ideas where I need to look? I'm outta ideas!!!
  7. Mike I have a question for you....what is the difference in the blocks between the 98-03, 04-07.5,24 valves and cr & the 07.5-present 6.7 engines????
  8. I think with the truck having 362000 miles on her. I'm considering replacement. Any ideas on where to get one?
  9. Well I swapped injectors from number 4 cylinder to number 1 and number 4 is staying dead. I did check and I am getting fire to the injector. So I did a little more checking around put the engine all back together and took the oil filler cap off and it danced around and I couldn't keep it in place with tremendous amount of blow by. So I am in the market for an engine, as bad as I want to replace the engine its cheaper to keep this truck than it is to go buy a new one. So if any of yall know where a good engine is let me know. Wish I could take a 24valve and convert it to a common rail because I have a good engine that runs!!!
  10. Ok boys and girls, I know I have been MIA, have had a lot going on, now I am back and I am in need of help!!! Driving my 06 Ram 3500 CR 5.9 to town the other morning, everything was going well then I felt a vibration and noticed the gear shifting was dancing. I clutched it and the truck seem to be running ok, slowed down to about 25 mph trying to find a wide safe spot to stop. When ever I pulled over I noticed I had a significant amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust. Turned truck off called a buddy went to the shop and got my rollback, (thank goodness I own the towing company...lol) towed the truck to shop, hooked up the diagnostic tool found one code about speed sensor. So I did an injector kill test , found number 4 to be dead, replaced with a good injector and number 4 cylinder is still dead. Any ideas on where I need to go next?
  11. Very cool and accurate. I clicked on mine and it showed up my info and even gave directions right to my shop!:thumbup:Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  12. Sounds good duck season is out till Thursday this week I think Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
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