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  1. I don’t have a scan tool to check codes hasn’t thrown the check engine light on for any either. Batteries are a week two weeks and I cleaned all the terminals and grounds when I installed them. I did order a new fitting but won’t be here till Tuesday
  2. The truck is a 98.5 leaks power steering fluid, couple weeks ago had to add more power steering fluid before leaving work loosened the 90° fitting for my fass to the IP above the power steering reservoir. I thought by chance I heard a crack noise when doing so. Drove an hour home truck seemed to be running okay. That night I went hunting and when I went to leave the truck had a hard time starting like it had air in my lines so I figured I just didn’t have the fitting tight. A I also noticed at that time the truck didn’t have the same throttle response etc. I took the 90° fitting off and tightended the banjo to the injection pump before reinstalling 90. Now this is here I’m lost the truck starts right up but any time in put the truck into drive or reverse it dies. Can put into neutral and the truck still will idle but the idle is weak. When it dies it has a hard time starting back up. I installed new fass filter hoping that might solve something it was about a year since I replaced it. Ive also noticed anytime I press the throttle trucks spits and sputters and sounds awful. If anyone can read all the way through this and is willing to help me out I appreciate it. This is my daily driver and with a baby expected here next month I need it back on the road! Thanks!
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