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  1. Thank you for the help everyone problem solved. Had a blown fuse and a bad relay for the shifting deal I reset the throttle positioning sensor solved that problem after changing the fuse all lights went off
  2. Cant seem to find the alternator ground. Not under passenger battery. Following from the altinator goes into a bundle of wires and from there idk
  3. Thank you IBMobile and GSX455 I'll look into these. Hopefully come back with A soulutuon*
  4. Hello, new to the forum To get started here I bought my truck about 6 months ago (99 dodge cummins) first cummins. And everything seemed fine for a couple months then the park break and ABS lights came on, didnt think much of it as for the truck still ran perfectly fine a few weeks later I start getting this problem of idle jumping around and speedometer jumping around while driving and it jumping in and out of overdrive. (im guessing) Then just from driving around like the dumb kid I am (not being very nice to my truck) I lost my transmission, had it rebuilt by RedLine Transmissions in Boise ID. When I got it back the park break and ABS lights where still on and I still had this jumping around problem. After actually meeting Michael S. Nelson (mopar1973man) in Wieser ID. He told me it was my altinator going bad and to get it fixed before it ruins my PCM. Since then I have replaced the altinator twice. Both times I replaced it with ones you get from NAPA. Last weekend i replaced the altinator drove it all week with no issues other than the park break and ABS lights and the jumping around problem. Till this weekend after driving around Boise the check gauges lights come on and I have low voltage down to 8-10 ish volts drove it to NAPA and I fried (over heated) the altinator due to bad batteries (had the batteries checked) bought new batteries and new altinator no changes still getting check gauges light and low voltage reading on the dash gauge
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