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  1. Ahh, lightbulb! Now it makes sense, the pic definitely helped. The key changes the degree of the pump shaft inside the gear similar advancing a distributor on a gasser. Thanks for the patience describing how it works. The whole time I was thinking the offset was vertical, which was why I had a hard time making sense of it. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Since the shaft on the pump is tapered, is the offset changing the engagement depth of the pump gear to the cam gear? I don’t see that affecting timing as long as the gears mesh.
  3. At this point I’m getting pretty good at removing the pump! I just need the truck since I am moving this week. I’m going to call Cummins first thing when they open Monday, if they don’t have one, I’ll order online and see if the generic key works in the mean time.
  4. If the point of the offset key was to align the pump with the cam gear, then why is the pump position fixed? Because the cam gear position is dependent on the pump shaft, and it has to mesh with the other gears. It seems to me that the key is like any other woodruff key and cannot affect timing unless it is acting like a reluctor and pinging a sensor. I think tomorrow I’ll put the pump in with an AUTOZONE key and see if it works. Found one that fits snug, so I’m not worried about it falling out during install.
  5. Would a Cummins dealer have a replacement? I need an 028 key. I was about to use a regular key, but didn’t want to go through the trouble if I need an exact size key.
  6. So I thought I would pose a question today, since this is something I’ve been dealing with all day. What exactly does the offset key do in regards to timing? I’ve searched the inter webs and I can’t find anything more than a generic, “It works with timing the pump”, or “The key has to be calibrated to each pump”. What does it do? Is there a hidden ignition pickup or sensor in the gear cover that reads the key? Reason I’m asking is because my key is crushed (My F-up). I think at some point between 1998.5-2002, Dodge took either the crank or cam sensor out of the truck when built. I have an 01, and it only has one of those sensors. I’m wondering if the key is irrelevant on those later trucks not equipped with the cam/crank sensor (still can’t remember which one I have). Any clarity on what the hell that key affects regarding timing would be much appreciated.
  7. Ok, I’ll just keep cranking on it. Thanks Something I failed to notice. Glad I found this bracket before I went ham on the puller!
  8. I’ve got a puller, and the gear is loosened on the shaft. Just not coming out like it should.
  9. Anybody here have any tricks to getting the VP44 out of the back of the case? Trying to get the pushrod cover gasket replaced. I have removed everything including the nut and lock washer on the end of the pump shaft and 4 nuts on the pump. TDC is set but that o ring is being a mother! I don’t really want to beat on it to get it out, and prying does little but separate it just a hair on the lower driver side (Only place I can get some leverage). Truck has almost 300k on the Odo, but the pump has been replaced at least once. That O ring in there is really on there good. Any ideas?
  10. ICEMAN86


  11. Vehicle: Nick’s 3500 HO Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-06-11 Nick’s 3500 HO
  12. Gentlemen, thank you for the advice. My quad works good now, smoke is minimal, and I will fine tune it this weekend. I truly appreciate the help.
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