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  2. My 2001 dodge cummins has been testing me some lately I had an air dog 100 fuel pump on it and never could get pressure to settle in pump finally gave up so the guys at air dog replaced it no charge( which I think is awesome customer service by the way) any way put it on and ran great for about 150 miles then I noticed my pressure would jump up and down not staying consistent and truck did what I will call loped rpm would go up and down and pressure gauge jumps accordingly. Then i couldn't get my heater to blow out of vents just defrost so figured vacuum hose not hooked up also 4x4 sometime engages and sometimes not the 4x4 light does not light up. so messed with line and heater started to work next morning no heater again so that night got it going again but it is hit and miss noe i see oil leaking on grond and noticed oil leak at vacuum pump and power steering so am thinking of replacing seals there just wondering if all of this could be related or just a bunch of small things all at once any ideas