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  1. Ok long delay in posting, but made some decent headway in figuring the tuning out, I think. I will attach the tune I am running currently that also happened to be the tune with which I put down 655hp/1240tq at a local drag/dyno day on May 18th. The dyno seemed to be reading a bit low (30-40hp/100-150tq) based on a number of rigs with very well known setups that ran that day comparing to what trucks with same/similar builds are normally putting down. Possibly due to the higher altitude of the track, dyno not loading as well, etc. The high power trucks that had been dynoed multiple times before
  2. I should also point out that I live in Central Oregon at an altitude of between 3600 and 3800ft. When messing with the tune builder excel program a while back initially, I noticed that adjusting the altitude variable to my general altitude vs the sea level default in the EZ Tune builder made a noticeable change in the CAN Bus curve
  3. High throttle. I loaded @Mopar1973Man's timing recommendations into my current tune and it runs noticeably smoother. So looks like your guys' help is making progress already! Still has some "wobble" once boost hits at WOT. The CAN Bus curvefrom @Me78569's 7x,012vgt daily tune is pretty rich (smoky) so might go back to my previous more conservative map, but I noticed even that 7x.012 map is still only around 3600-3700 or so in terms of CAN Bus duration, so I'm still not even maxing out CAN Bus. I swapped exhaust housings to the one I have that has more total turbine nozzle area (turbine inlet s
  4. No white smoke on bucking I will add the new timing map from M73M above and switch vehicle selection from V2 Quadzilla Only (3.93) to V2 Dodge 1998-2002 (2.7) and I'll post a log and let you know if it bucks.
  5. Is the software built into the iquad app? Or is there a writeup on how to check which software is on there and how to update it? Ok I'll rewrite my current tune under that vehicle. What is the difference between that (2.7) vehicle selection and the 3.94 selection? Ha yeah too much boost and drive pressure (I assume) kept lifting the stem seals up and the retainers were beating the seals up and pouring oil down the guides. Big puff of blue on cold start, TONS of carbon packed in the ports and on the valve stems. Part of the reason I ported the head was just to clean the
  6. ***I see this may not be posted in the correct subforum, probably should be in the Quadzilla vendor area but not sure how to delete and move it, mods?*** Hello all, I've been fiddling with tuning on my truck ever since I did the initial build with DDP 150s and a stage 1 GT3782R turbo I got cheap on eBay and fabbed into the truck. Loved the turbo sound but blew it up recently as it was on borrowed time at 40psi with 150s. I just did another round of work on it (build list below) and am at a loss on where to start with tuning as none of the tunes in the tune library run w
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