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  1. Idk I didn’t know if it was the pressure relief valve truck runs good in lower gear but higher gears it won’t get out of its own way
  2. Wouldn’t it smoke white and be making oil if it was injectors I have no cel
  3. As far as I know 222000 the truck isles fine when it’s cold or when the ac is on but when it warms up it lopes
  4. On my 2006 Cummins 6 speed truck is bone stock just straight piped it has a slight lope at idle no white smoke and when driving the truck blows a little bit of black smoke and in higher gears it seems to loose power . I’m thinking it’s the pressure relief valve or the fca but some insight would help. Truck isn’t making oil or losing mpg
  5. Has anyone Experienced a whine from the front of a 5.9 common rail seems to sound like the fan truck is a 06 6 speed
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