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  1. What is needed to change wheel bearing on a 97 12 valve 2wd and can just the hub assembly be bought with new bearings
  2. Anyone know if the o ring for the fuel screen on a 12 valve is the same on 89-98 trucks
  3. 975speed


    No metal that I’ve seen
  4. What would cause 2nd gear whine from take off trans is a nv4500
  5. 975speed

    Low end

    Slid my housing forward fixed the problem guys
  6. 975speed

    Vacuum line

    Alright will rubber hose work
  7. 975speed

    Vacuum line

    Ok could a vacuum leak cause my truck to leak oil
  8. What size hose do I need for a vacuum hose my line broke running from pump to firewall
  9. Having issues with my fuel shut off went to pick it up from shop and it wouldn’t start the fuel shut off won’t stay up or even try going up they said there is a security Device by the park brake is black with 2 wires connected to it
  10. 975speed


    Is there a ads relay on a 97 12valve shop said its causing the lights to come on and off
  11. 975speed


    I will all happened after I got my headgasket done
  12. 975speed


    It seems to be on the driver side in that wire group running by the injection pump
  13. 975speed


    Not sure on fuel pressure but ordered a tork tek ofv 300k on factory one
  14. 975speed


    Also a tick in the fuel tank truck has no blow by and doesent use oil
  15. What is causing thi, s passenger battery was unhooked till shop hooked it back up now it’s doing this causing check engine and gen light to come on and tach and speedo to freak out