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  1. 5 speed

    What fluid y’all running on the 5 speeds
  2. Head

    Is there a write up on 12 valve headgasket on here
  3. Head

    Is that good
  4. Head

    what does the upper radiator hose staying soft mean
  5. Head

    Ok the truck is stock just didn’t know if it was drive able
  6. Head

    What would cause head warp
  7. Head

    Ok I will is that the rubber flap on radiator cap
  8. Head

    Yes leaking coolant but system doesent build pressure or overheat
  9. Head gasket leaking from front passenger corner of head is it safe to drive till next weekend
  10. Anyone have a write up and tools list on changing headgasket on a 12 valve
  11. Coolant leak

    Could the hose between the head and thermostat be busted causing a leak
  12. Coolant leak

    Ok cause as soon as I started it this morning I could see a little seepage from either thermostat or head
  13. Coolant leak

    Wherever it’s leaking from its covered the the front passenger suspension with antifreeze in 30 minutes
  14. Coolant leak

    Truck was maybe 150 when I got home and no steam
  15. Coolant leak

    Hard to tell where exactly it’s coming from truck doesn’t over heat or smoke doesn’t have power loss either