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  1. I was making a 4 hour drive in my truck and the brake light and abs light came on truck is a 97 2wd 5speed
  2. 975speed


  3. 975speed

    Fuel shut off

    When I turn the key I keep blowing engine fuses
  4. My 97 12 valve died pulling into Louisiana last night I’ll be here 10 days can I tie up the solenoid and just stall the truck to kill it?
  5. 975speed


    New tires on rear so maybe u joint
  6. 975speed


    It has vibration anything over 65
  7. 975speed


    It does it only when barely moving could it be a u joint
  8. Anyone have a clicking noise sometimes when stopping or turning truck is a 2wd thinking it could be rear end but not sure
  9. 975speed


    What could I do about more air I don’t have a plate
  10. 975speed


    Would more boost help?
  11. 975speed


    I understand I don’t try and make it smoke just looking for a lil more free power
  12. 975speed


    I haven’t would that make any increase in power
  13. What are some free ways to add power to my 97 12 valve afc housing is slid forward no fuel plate and starwheel turned in a little
  14. What’s the best way to drain coolant on a 2wd 12 valve doesn’t look like a 5 gallon bucket will fit
  15. What is needed to change wheel bearing on a 97 12 valve 2wd and can just the hub assembly be bought with new bearings