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  2. Got this today finally. Guess a little back is better than nothing. I think they need to really need to work on their skills with dealing with ecm failure issues on their products. Dieselfuture, did you trick your truck into the high idle?
  3. They told me its normal to have all those codes come up. To me it shows that the test they run on the unit is incomplete. I got the same paperwork stating that all voltages were good but nothing about the data link being good. And it will be 2 weeks Wednesday that they got the faulty ecm and still no partial refund
  4. I really hope that no one else has an issue with the guy. I think that he could have handled the issue a little better. When I got the ecm back from him after he said it was tested and repaired, it should have been good. It didnt even look like they took it back apart to repair it. Cummins does offer recon units for these trucks still. The price will take your breath away. He got the unit back today. We'll have to see if he really honors the refund or not.
  5. It is auto computer specialist. I went with them because of all the good reviews. They haven't been helping at all. Never once offered to send a different ecm. Said they repaired the one they sent me and when I got it back it was still bad. They swear there is a short in my truck. Cummins and the Diesel shop went through the harness and found nothing. Every single test both places did pointed to a faulty ecm.
  6. They are offering a partial refund after I had Cummins install the ecm that sent back that they said they repaired. Cummins tech barely got out of the garage before it threw the code for no communication. They actually got the company to answer the phone and they told him the ecm was junk. Took all that just to prove to them it wasn't a short on my truck. So I have about $1000 in labor charges to prove their repair job was junk.
  7. Took care of that one when I first had the p0112 and p0237 codes with the original ecm.
  8. Did all that multiple time. Even grabbed the harness and did the wiggle test. Still everything points to the remanned ecm. It's just frustrating. Every test I do or the shop does come up with a perfect harness
  9. I can see the issue being the truck if the original ecm did the same thing. It doesn't even look like he opened the ecm I sent back for the warranty repair. I drove the truck 350 miles on the original ecm and it still hasn't shorted out
  10. Here's a fun little update. Sent the ecm back to the rebuilder. Said it had a short on the IP circuit. Came back with a bunch of paperwork stating it was tested. And came back with a bunch of stickers stating my truck has a short. I have $700 in labor charges and a write-up on the bill that there is nothing wrong with the harness. Took it to cummins this afternoon to have the ecm installed incase I was missing a step in the process and to rule out any variables. Ecm threw the same group of codes as the first time I installed it. They cleared them started backing out of the garage and low and behold. P1689 came up again. His remanned ECM has issues. He is denying the fact and swears my truck shorted it out. But if that was the case, why does my old ecm not have the same communication issue?
  11. So the truck has a new VP now. New ecm still won’t communicate with the pump. Truck runs good with the old ecm just throws the p0112. Strange thing when driving it home. Old vp I saw 30 at most 32psi boost. New VP it jumps to 35psi without any hesitation. Now I’m starting to wonder if a short in VP took out the ecm. Maybe it was just coincidence that it went after installing the new ecm. I don’t really have a straight answer on the whole situation. I know the harness’s is good. No shorts. Alternator checks out. 0.013 on the ac leak test. Guess I’ll have to see what pans out in the whole situation
  12. On the bright side of all this, the remaned ecm doesn’t have the p0112 and p0237...
  13. I went through all that before I had it towed to the shop. The ecm is definitely the issue. We even went as far as checking harness with a meggar. That would definitely tell if there was any issue with the wires. All the pins looked like new. You could see marks on the pins from the harness. My old ecm communicates with the new VP just has issues because of the 0112 and 0237 but that’s the only issues with that. I told them it will run if you put the tune in it from the smarty but that’s against the rules at the shop. They have a couple of ecms at the corporate office that are going to be there Monday. So hopefully I have my truck back
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