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  1. That’s for the invite to the forum! My name is Ryan and I live in a little town in the middle of good ol’ North Dakota. I own and operate Blue-Top Steering Gears, Inc. I have owned this business about 7-8 years now. I purchased this from my father who owned it for a few years. Blue-Top was started in late 1980s by Mr. Foster who is a brother to the current owner of a large steering gear company in Seattle, WA. I started learning about this industry after an invite to work for said company in Seattle. I worked almost 2 years and learned a lot about re-manufacturing steering gears for many different cars, trucks, & semi trucks. I moved back to ND and at that time my father had owned Blue-Top for a few years. After I had gotten settled and a good job in the coal mines in central ND I decided to purchase the business. Selling 5-20 gears a month for a few years, it was an enjoyable hobby and a great tax write off for my shop equipment. Growing tired of shift work I pushed the business until I was able to support my family on this solely, I quit my job and started re-manufacturing steering gears full time. We’ve broken records every month and we get busier and busier. Currently my wife does all the paperwork, shipping and core refund processing and my nephew works weekends to help out. We are building a new facility this summer to handle our growing business and we hope this is the last step! I am happy to answer questions and give advice when I can. My schedule is very very busy so I can’t promise that I will be quick to respond or even sometimes it may not be the same day but I will give a good attempt to be a help! Thanks to everyone who has been a customer and to those who have recommended our products! It’s great to have support for our little family business to keep it growing!
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