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  2. Hi Thomas I did a cab swap as well. I had a 5 speed 1998.5 club cab that i rolled, and I found a 1998 gasser Quad Cab with a blown engine. It was pretty straightforward, though a lot of stuff to keep track of. I swapped the whole dash and electronics from my original truck into the new cab, because of course I needed the diesel-specific stuff and also the old truck had better options (like the infinity sound, power windows & mirrors, etc. Both trucks were manual 4wd so there was no cutting needed, but it would have been pretty easy to do in necessary. Here's a link to a post I did on that. I would think your project would be very similar. I'm happy to try to answer any questions if I can. Ethan
  3. That does help, thanks. I have no reason to suspect any internal failures, but it's obviously prudent to check everything I can while I have it open. Definitely going to look into that Cummins Quickserve info source too. And thank you, Mopar1973Man as well. I was seeing occasional coolant drips and sometimes large puddles in hot weather this summer, enough to warrant up to a gallon of new coolant on two occasions. I avoided really overheating it. No oil / coolant cross contaminations, just clean looking coolant dripping after I shut it off. Strangely, it has stopped all together and I was monitoring it and waiting for the right time to get into it. I had a similar intermittent leak from one side of the radiator core two winters ago, but only during warmup on very cold mornings. That too went away. I never used and stop-leak... I guess I would save that for an emergency... But based on the age of the engine, 370K, and some unknown service history (I acquired it at 320K) my inclination is to replace just about every renewable part I can easily reach. The truck is presently up on blocks for a rebuilt transmission and a new clutch, so this is the time to hit all the other stuff that has been waiting. I'm doing a new radiator, hoses, Power Steering pump & hoses, rear main seal, and trying to address this coolant leak. I'll also be doing new injectors, but that'll be a whole different thread. I could see clearly that it was not leaking from around the water pump, and that it was behind there along the block somewhere. Because the AC compressor and other plumbing is in the way, it was hard to tell, but I guess it has to be either the oil cooler or the lower hose neck. Since it hasn't leaked since summer, and hasn't lost coolant, I'm not sure I'll be bale to get it to leak with a pressure test but I have ordered the tester and I'll try it out. Hopefully I'll find some trace of the old leak once I get it all exposed. There has been no sign of leakage up around the head gasket, which I appreciate. And thanks for the warning on coolant- duly noted.
  4. Ok- I'm about to embark on an oil cooler gasket replacement. Has anyone done it? Any tips? My search of the site has not given me any guidance, so I'll post whatever I learn in the process. if you know of any resources, please let me know. My oil cooler leaks coolant intermittently, mostly not at all bust occasionally a lot, enough to require a gallon or more of new fluid in a day or two. I found the cummins parts for $35 on ebay. I'd welcome any input...
  5. Here's the photo essay... A sad day in February, 2016 It was a slow topple over the edge, and there were no impacts on the frame or running gear, so I let it sit upright for the rest of the spring in a friend's field before daring to start it. It had sat upside down overnight in a snow storm, and I knew oil would have leaked into the cylinders. 1998 gasser 1500 with a blown 5.2, $800 on craigslist Sold the bed for $300 A few autumn afternoons of dismantling Sold the frame and running gear including nice NV3500 + Transfer case, good axles, and blown 5.2 for $700, clearing enough money to pay a nearby crane operator to hop over and hoist the cab across to the back of the original beast. runs and drives... made a plastic windshield and got the lights patched up. I drove it 300 miles from northern Colorado to home in New Mexico (at night... I didn't need any impromtu safety inspections). Ran and handled as well as ever. Smelled like leaked transmission fluid and mice after sitting for a season. In the shop at last, more than 2 years later. This lift gave me 1 inch to spare getting off my blocks and over into position. The holes lined up. I moved the entire dash & instruments, as well as all almost all the cab wiring (splicing where needed to accommodate the back doors. Old truck was an SLT with the good sound system, donor truck was plain vanilla & a gasser). I kept the clean carpets, headliner, seats etc. The radiator support subframe had distorted slighty, not enough to damage the intercooler or other radiators, but enough to make the hood fit look bad, but with prybars and a slight shift in the mounts it got back in place. Scrapyard bed for $150 Now it's my neighbor's truck and runs and drives as well as ever, 2 1/2 years later. I'm happy to give any further details anyone might be curious about. Cheers
  6. \ Hello everyone. I joined a while ago and I’m finally getting on here. I have a 2001 2nd gen 24v work truck, mainly stock 5-speed war horse with 370K on it. It’s the successor to a similar 1998.5 unit that I rolled off a slippery mountain a couple of years ago (see my profile pictures). Both trucks were acquired at a little over 300K and are my first foray into diesel land. I’m fully committed to making at least one run forever. I am now cab swap veteran, having replaced the rolled truck’s body with a nice clean quad cab (upgrade) from a 1998 gasser with a blown engine that I scored on Craigslist for cheap. I changed over the hood, fenders, cab, and all the cab interior, wiring, dash, and diesel specific soundproofing, and everything works great. That truck now belongs to my neighbor. I can post pictures and details from that process if anyone is interested. My current truck, bought as work truck after the wreck, is now getting its first replacement NV4500 and clutch at about 370K (that seems like a long run for a clutch... I have all the service records from the original owner...). I'll be looking at the forums for hints and info on the removal and replacement procedure, lubricants, and anything else. Lubrication was the downfall of the NV4500 an now I'm replacing all the other fluids as well, so I'll be looking for sound advice on what to use where. Since the truck is hove down for the time being, I'm hitting all the deferred maintenance I can, including: new power steering pump and lines, new radiator and hoses, fix coolant leak at oil cooler (I think), shocks, damper, camshaft position sensor, new injectors, rear wheel seals, and more I can't remember. I'll hit the forums on those topics as well, but if anyone wants to draw my attention to a standout article, please do! Onward,
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