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  1. Jack Owen

    Jack Owen

  2. 280,000 or so miles were on WVO. Heads off. Drop the pan. Easy peasy from there. New head bolts?
  3. Head gasket went south. May as well do it right?
  4. Where is the best place to get an overhaul kit? Reuse head bolts or get new? 367,000 miles
  5. I need less booze in the egg nog...sorry. Im lifting the engine to drop the pan. The bolts are loose. The drivers side lifted right out. Passenger side wont budge. Do the "glue" themselves in. Is there a secret bolt somewhere? I did square up my lift so it is pulling dead even side to side.
  6. Both sides are loose. Drivers side lifts right out. Passenger side is stuck. Trying to lift engine to pull the pan.
  7. Is there any oil that flows through the head under pressure? Doesnt ALL the oil in the head come through the push rods?
  8. Well the hole doesn't appear to be an oil galley. It is a direct passage to the water pump housing. Next idea?
  9. Not sure I agree with you? Blow air through it and i can hear it in the radiator. I was guessing a bypass or vent for the water pump. It does make sense that if it is an oil galley it would empty the pan in a hurry!
  10. Agreed. Tap, plug, epoxy. That would certainly empty an oil pan pretty quick! Anyone else have an opinion?
  11. Oil cooler is out and pressure tested. No leaks. No water in oil. I found a small dimple in the lower right corner of the opening for the oil cooler. I picked at it with a very small wire and the wire passed 2 inches into the dimple and hit nothing. Is this a weep hole or something OR did I just find a casting flaw? 1 minute video posted below. Oil cooler hole.mp4
  12. Radiator filled with engine oil...FAST! Took about 15 minutes to empty half my pan. Ran just fine. NO LEAKS in the oil cooler. Could an oil cooler gasket fail enough to allow that much oil into the water jacket?
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