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  2. I have the snubber on the sensor right now but I bought the fittings to put hose from the tap on the pump all the way up to the engine bay to put my sensor at the engine. So should I still keep the snubber at the sensor or put it at the tap for the pump?
  3. So it would be on the fuel line leading up to the injection pump?
  4. Ok that's something I could think about doing too. Because I need to figure out another place to put it. I could run a hose from that tap to the front of the truck and put my sensor. Somewhere more accessable as well That's a nice setup. I need to look into it or make one myself. What kind of gauge set up do you have?
  5. How did you do your set up? That actually looks pretty nice. This setup looks very clean and nice. How did you do this? I'd like to have a setup like this. It is on the AirDog pump. Right where the taps are.
  6. Ok that's a good reason on why it should stay to the relay. Do you know the part number for it? Maybe I could get one at O'Reilly's or AutoZone. One thing I've noticed is I have glowshift gauges. And the fuel pressure gauge fluctuates alot. I've put a manual gauge on from the pump and it's pumping at 15psi steady but the gauge keeps jumping around. Guess it's time to get an isspro mechanical fuel gauge.
  7. I haven't had any of those happen yet. Just seem to have some type of problem with the pump but seems to be working fine now. I'm gonna put the switch for now till I get a new relay.
  8. AirDog sent me another replacement pump not long ago. So I have an extra one just in case. What symptoms will show if the ecm is going
  9. Well I jumped the harness and the pump is pumping well it seems. Put another fuse and it didn't blow.
  10. We'll the pump went out last year. Left it parked till I got a warranteed one. Then I fixed it and got it going again. The relay went out a while back and now the fuse went out. But I don't want the relay to go out again so I wanna hardwire a toggle switch
  11. I'm new to the electrical toggle switch wiring stuff so would I just switch it to power in power out or which ones would I connect to?
  12. I've been having some problems with my AirDog. So I've decided to hardwire it with a toggle switch. But since it has the relay I don't know which wires go where. I know I can jump the yellow and red together to turn it on but what are the other two. Do I need to tie those into somewhere too?
  13. I got a Dorman kit. Let’s see how it works. Part number 904-335. Autozone had it all for 33.99
  14. Ok but will this cause the hoses to get hot or will they naturally get hot with the fluid
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