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  1. tmropr1991


  2. I got a Dorman kit. Let’s see how it works. Part number 904-335. Autozone had it all for 33.99
  3. Ok but will this cause the hoses to get hot or will they naturally get hot with the fluid
  4. My hoses get very hot when it’s running could a hose be plugged with something?
  5. I replaced the power steering pump. I flushed out the system but seems like it’s still doing the same. It might be the brake master cylinder I’m thinking. But now I have a major oil leak from the vacuum pump. I’m gonna have to order a seal kit and reflush the whole system.
  6. Ok I’ll give that a try and see what happens. Hopefully won’t have to start replacing major parts.
  7. I’ve never changed it since I bought the truck and I’m the second owner. It’s got 327,000 miles and was bought with 181,000. Where should I start with atleast the master cylinder?
  8. I’ve been having problems with either my hydro boost or master brake cylinder. I press my brakes and it seems hard put press a little harder and they work. But now my power steering pump is starting to hum. What could be causing this issue?