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  1. thanks moparman, did and it worked out great and looks good under the hood. the bhaf sure has the truck running a lot cooler on the pyrometer, also put a 4 inch exhaust on but it seems that putting the filter in made the biggest difference on heat. also running my comp on 4x4 towing my 27 foot trailer and it pulls great, luv it.So thanks, agian and this is a great site.thanks, super007
  2. hi all, not sure if this is the righ place for the question, but here goes. I just installed bhaf and was wondering if i need a heat sheild . If so can some one tell me the dimensions of the heat sheild earlier in this post if they have made one or am I just not reading the diagram right. Great site use it all the time, good job moparman.thanks in advance, super007
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