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  1. OK, I bought what I believe to be 2014 or newer leather Laramie PR seats with memory at the NATS last year. (This is based on the name "Laramie" is tooled into the back.) I had no problems with the passenger side but I can't quit get the drivers side to work. Every once in a hile it will twitch, then nothing. PR lumbar works. I've read that the memory control module needs to be powered up for it to work. If so which wires power it up? Has anybody tried this or know a trick? Thanks
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  3. I have the 93 FSM and pr seats are not even mentioned in the electrical forward. I'm assuming it wasn't available.
  4. Afterv looking them over, I think it can be done WO too much trouble. I only want pr seats. The heat feature is moot to me as it's a fair weather driver. The vent feature may get the nod though. I'm trying to run down some schematics on the wiring, that will help.
  5. The mounting is not the issue, wiring, lot's of wiring. I have a FSM and power seats are not even mentioned. I assumed a 12v supply and a neg wire and I'd be set. It looks like small processers under the seats and 8-10 wire connectors. I'm assuming again but I'm thinking everything is going to and from the PCU. I know somebody has done it, if not, I'll be the first.
  6. Hi, I just joined. I found this site while searching for info on hooking up 4th gen pr seats in my 1st gen. I bought a set of black leather power Lariame seats at this years Mopar Nats. I just cleaned and conditioned them and they are not as straight forward as I had hoped. Anybody done this?
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