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  2. Yep 3 and 9 are open. I got a buddy that’s got an ecm and I’m gunna try it. Can’t get nothing to work so I’m thinking ecm.
  3. Went through the ecm harness and didn’t find nothing. Still won’t start
  4. So I got my harness out and opened up and this is that I found. I don’t know what the symbol means on the wiring diagram. But there was obvious open wires and on both the ecm and injection pump. It says it is the data link connection
  5. My connection is good from the ECM to PCM. The pcm is working because when it runs all the gauges work. But obviously I have no throttle because the ecm isn’t connected. Which is why I probably got the apps code. I got a buddy that has an ecm I can borrow. Should I get it and try it? I just don’t know what to do. It ran fine before and never had issues I can get all the data from the ecm off my scanner
  6. What is the ASD really and where is it at? The PSD I’m guessing? I have 3 codes P0123 P1693 P1694 i know P1693 is a companion code but I can’t get any codes off of the pcm it shows nothing
  7. When cranking it is about 10psi. It has 15 when the pump is running. I’m just wondering why it will start when I hot wire it but not when I plug it in? I put new feed tubes in with new o rings. Return line has new washers as well
  8. The wait to start light will come on when I turn the key on and then go away but it never comes back on. I can hear the lift pump activate when I turn the key on. And if I bump the starter it will run.
  9. Alright, guys so it is a long story but I just finished rebuilding the engine on my truck and got it in and am trying to get it started. It is a 01 with a 6spd. I have an airdog 150 installed as well and many other engine parts. I have been cranking and cracking injector lines and fuel will come out but it won't start. I did, however, hotwire the pump and got it to start and idle just fine as it should so I know my pump is good.. So, that narrows it down to something in the harness or CAN bus wiring. Dont know if maybe I have a bad ECM? I tested the pins on the ecm and all of my power and ground curcuits are good. Looking for some advice and further diagnosis thanks!
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