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  1. njraymond98


  2. I pulled the alternator and it’s covered in oil from a front main leak but it was backfeeding some wires that I tested so maybe a new alternator could be the fix
  3. Well all 6 wires going to the tps have 5v, the 2 grounds even have power. This VP is a HO I think too and I have an SO motor
  4. It’s all the high voltage codes for random sensors. One of which being the TPS
  5. I recently put a HO pump on my SO motor and it idles at about 1100 rpm once it warms up. If you floor it it’ll idle normal. But the ECM has a few high voltage codes for sensors so I’m wondering if the 5v supply is going whack or if I need to get an SO pump to put on.
  6. Do I need to unplug all the plugs or just disconnect it at the box
  7. Ok. But all the other high volt codes make me think it’s not the sensor but the ECM itself going haywire with the 5v supply
  8. The apps was replaced this winter. But why would even the grounds have 5v??
  9. I just put a vp44 on my truck and got it running but it idles at 1000 rpm but when I floor it it’ll idle at normal rpm. With the key on I tested all 6 wires and they all have right around 5v. Unplugged the tps and it idles fine obviously but what should I be chasing at this point? Codes are p0123 p0113 p0118 p01693 x2 p0236 p0237
  10. 2002 24v recently had NO BUS problem but got it fixed. Still doesn’t start, fuel pressure gauge says 10-15 psi. There’s fuel at the injector lines on the head but not much. Won’t even start on ether, p0122 p0123 p1693 are my codes. VP44 less than a year old, air dog 150 gph and Edge juice bigger injectors are the only mods. I’m lost here and really need some help.
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