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  1. I have 14v at the orange/tq lock wire is that proper?
  2. The wire I checked also had tap on it for tq locker. Is this the right wire that should have 5v?
  3. I have and it didn't change anything,and I guess I was checking the orange black stripe wire
  4. I checked and I have 14 volts at the wire? Bad alternator?
  5. I will try manually shifting today and report back,I believe it didn't shift at all out of first when I unplugged tranny plug
  6. I used all my original cummins wiring
  7. Truck is still down,I've traced tranny wire from harness to tranny.all in good shape no cuts or knicks. But when I unplugged main tranny plug the truck stopped wanting to jump into gear?
  8. I'm going to pick one up today,do I need to reset anything after installing?
  9. Where is that sensor located? And how would I get ahold of him to ask? Thank you again
  10. Unfortunately I took the 140amp alternator fuze out and unhooked the field wire from back of alternator, started up and put into gear and did the same exact thing except this time truck said check gauges which I believe is from disconnecting the alt? Is it possible I did something wrong in this test? Thank you
  11. The alternator does look like it's been threw hell. I definitely just learned a lot I appreciate you taking the time to help. Do u happen to have a recommendation for an alternator?
  12. I'm just curious about the alternator? It charges but is there other things that go wrong on them?
  13. Is there a certain brand or place to get a good one from?
  14. One of previous owners must have done it? I didn't
  15. Well I traced all the wiring from alternator to batterie to computer on firewall. No breaks in wire and the aluminum foil thing was already done to alternator wire.all wires and connections were in good shape. The trans relay in main fuze box has a jumper in it so I removed and replaced with a spare relay and no different? I'm lost