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  1. Just curious have any of you ever tried raceteck or exotic head studs. Citicorp has a lifetime warranty just like arp and raceteck doesn’t but they say they’re good for 240000 psi. Any thoughts? Don’t know why spellcheck turned xotic into Citicorp but it did lol
  2. Yes tuning on my 04 is on the list but like I said I have bigger plans for it don’t want to waste money on custom tunes that I’ll only use temporarily. I’m still fighting to get the 5r110 tuned and working right with the Cummins. The hardest part is getting parts into California. For the turbos I have to have them sent to a buddies in Nevada but he also has to pay for them because the shipping and billing have to match. It’s a pain in the *** I can’t even get the 100hp xergys sent here. Now I have to figure out how to get those probably have my dad in Colorado order them then send them to me.
  3. Yes my 04 cr I the Ford does get to some insane egts it has 150hp nozzles on it and a tuner pretty much stock besides that. Yeah 0-60mph wot it will hit 1600 easy. But that truck has other issues too. I think shortly after I put it in an injector got stuck I changed them but was too late now it has quite a bit of blow bye it needs to be rebuilt. That project is on the back burner for the moment. My 03 I think probably needs injectors cause this mileage is killing me. To answer the question I’m looking to get 500-600 hp nothing too crazy just a 77mm over the stock. I’m not supposed to be playin
  4. Yeah injectors are part of what I’m leaning towards I was thinking of putting in 100hp xergys along with the twins. I’ve read lotsssss of forums about fuel mileage everyone seems to lean towards the bigger tires and driving habits and lifts and all sorts of other things that just don’t hmm add up to me. I truly believe it’s something else like injectors or I guess possibly the pump. I was just looking for someone that I believe knows what they’re talking about to confirm this. So thanks because for confirming my thoughts. I truly believe this is something that can be fixed be replacing someth
  5. I would agree with you on the tires but like I said I know several people with trucks the same as mine And they get at least 16mpg. As far as the lift a 3” is basically a leveling kit plus a half inch with 1” blocks in the rear. Now on average of people I know with these trucks they get good gas mileage 16-19 mpg at least but I have talked to people that have a completely stock truck that gets shitty mileage. Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw but I should be getting at least 14-16 mpg 11 mpg isn’t purely from a small lift and 2&1/2” taller tires. I mean my dump trailer with 13000 lbs i
  6. I’ve already had that thought the speedometer is off by 4-5 mph at 60-65 mph. So the math doesn’t add up it might add 60-70 mikes per tank. That’s still very shy of the 600+ miles most others I know get per tank.
  7. HellI I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 with the 5.9 Cummins. This truck is stock at the moment except I do have a smarty touch on it. This truck has 240000 I bought it with 218000 about a year ago with a bad transmission. I don’t know much history on it but I imagine it has the original injectors. It has a 3” lift with 35’s in stock 17” wheels. The gas mileage is horrible like 10.5-12mpg doesn’t matter how I drive it. It seems to get worse with highway driving. I just drove from California to Georgia to Colorado and back to California I was only getting 11mpg on average. Before anyone says anythin
  8. Well it ended being the transducer in the transmission even though it was already new
  9. I don’t have a tv motor that’s on a 05 up truck. My transmission guy is telling me it’s probably electrical. But where do I start. Is there anyone on here that has an idea I know there are some super smart people on this sight from the articles I’ve read. Is there anybody out there that has any ideas!!! So where the he’ll do I find the atsg on here. I was told it’s on here but can’t find it anywhere
  10. That’s what my transmission guy and I think too. But we’re both stumped on why!
  11. Well I pulled the pan replaced the solenoids and transducer which were already new still same problems. I need help both my trucks are down now and I need this one to work if anyone can help I’d really appreciate it. Thanks I cannot communicate with the transmission with my scanner it’s a cheap scanner not sure if it’s the scanner or something else. My smarty tuner will show me codes when I unplug the transmission harness so it seems to be communicating with the transmission I have replaced the tcm and swapped them back and forth with no change in the issues
  12. Well I switched the relays that didn’t work I even removed the fuse box cause I’ve heard of corrosion issues and cleaned it up the terminals that look like where the relay would be looked a little dirty so I cleaned and put a little dielectric grease on them. Still the same issue. As for the governor pressure solenoid that’s a new borg Warner done when the transmission was rebuilt. If I get the truck to speed into overdrive it will lock up fine and if I mash the gas it will downshift but not below third.
  13. I guess I should also say that when I stop in drive it starts in 3rd unless I manually downshift
  14. Hello I’ve read many posts on here and solved many problems on various trucks from articles I’ve read here so I believe y’all can hopefully help me here. I have an 03 ram 3500 5.9 with a 48re. I bought this truck with a bad transmission so I had it rebuilt. I installed it and now I’m having shifting issues. If I start the truck and the first time I put it in drive it starts in first and drives fine but after that it won’t downshift below 3rd. It will easily downshift manually into 2nd but will only manually shift into 1st if I shift it prior to stopping and then it will shift in just before th
  15. Fumminsman


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