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  1. Anyone have an opinion as to why the Ram Cummins injectors (and others like it) cost so much? My gosh, you can buy a new dirt bike for the price of 6 injectors especially if they are modified. Even stock ones are what, $3000? Rebuilding your used injectors cost in the neighborhood of $275 each, still unblievable. Seriously, why so expensive? Is this a marketing deal, put limits on the availability and keep the price high?
  2. Hopefully you adjusted your bands while you were at it? I had my dealer change the solenoid when they flushed the transmission, since they had the pan off anyway. Not worth me dropping the pan to do it and then trying to re-use the fluid or worse yet, buying 4 or 5 quarts of ATF-4. But, they still charged me $175 to do it.
  3. Good info. I tried pdftown and was able to download the .rar file, but can't open it. I have a .rar reader. Even though I'm using the password given (pdftown.com), I get an error saying incorrect password. I messed with it till I got frustrated and quit. I took my truck to the dealer for routine service three weeks ago. Part of what I had them do was an induction cleaning. Not sure if they did any diagnostics like a pop test, but they didn't tell me anything was wrong. The truck did perhaps run a little better, but not much. As I mentioned, I have the Auto Enginuity diagnostic tool comin
  4. Hi folks. My 05 Ram Cummins has 130K miles and is starting to need a few things. The viscous fan is bad, tip off was no A/C at idle. With the A/C on and the engine cold, I can reach around and easily stop the fan. Wierd thing is I have no codes? Is that normal? I ordered a Auto Enginuity setup with expanded coverage, maybe there are codes lurking deep inside. I have the tools, 36mm wrench and a tool to hold the pulley. My fuel gauge occasionally sticks at 1/2 reading on fillups, I guess its time to replace the lift pump assembly. I really want to check my injection system. The truck does
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