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  1. Touch of either and she fired right up. Thanks for all the help guys. 8 hour trip home this weekend with the camper behind me. Down to the wire! video0000001.mp4
  2. Pump is in! Dark now. Bleeding and starting tomorrow
  3. Tappet cover is leaking. Ordered a new gasket! Also, just decided to put my mouth on the injector lines and blow through them. They are hard to blow through. Is that normal? They all seemed the same. I even blew them out with some air, and all seemed the same with no obstructions. Normal ?
  4. Wow guys, look what I just found out about my VP44 as I started the tear down process.
  5. Haha no problem guys! I was really confused for a second. The pump should be here by Sat Morning at the latest. Starting tear down today. Also running 1/2" lines and replacing all banjo bolts with these:
  6. I don't follow. I'm replacing the VP44, not the injectors.
  7. So snug these guys down first, before the 19mm hold down on the injector? Might I ask why?
  8. Gotcha! Thank you! I will keep you all posted. The used REMAN vp44 ships out on Wednesday. I'll have everything torn down and ready to go. I've done and IP on an old 7.3 international, and from the videos I've seen online the VP44 looks like an easier swap! Any particular "how to" video does anyone like best?
  9. Thank you for that detailed post Michael. The truck would not start back up hot, until it cooled down for about 3 weeks. Then i walked out one day and simply would not start at all. Bluechip diesel said that not starting back up when hot is indicative of mechanical pump wear, not an electronic issue. The truck has thrown no codes except for that coolant temp sensor, which was replaced and the truck ran fine afterwards. The bluechip no start tests state at the end: " IF YOU HAVE FUEL, POWER AND GROUND, PROVEN BY THE ABOVE TESTS AND STILL HAVE NO START AFTER TEST 3, YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NEED AN INJECTION PUMP!" My truck does have fuel, power, and ground and it will not start. Could it be anything other than the VP44 being it started one day, and not the next ?
  10. Hey guys I have a line on a RE MANUFACTURED VP44 with roughly 20,000 miles on it from a wrecked truck for 500 bucks. Reputable source, friend of the family. Any issues with putting a 1999 vp44 on a 2001 ?
  11. Called Bluechip diesel, and then tried the hotwire test. I could hear something in the pump click on when connecting the hot wire to pin seven. Ground was to pin 6. So i feel I had a good connection. Still no start. . Sounds like its the VP44 which is with in reason I think. 140k on the truck and she was from Florida which has high temperatures in summer and I bought the truck from an older gentleman who use it to tow a camper. It was only putting out 8 PSI at idle and 5 psi going down the road, without a camper behind the truck before I put a FASS in back in may of this year. So its tough to say what really has occurred. She is still shooting out fuel at the injectors with good pressure it seems though. I've read something on CAN bus bypass in the VP44... Any last ideas on that?
  12. Running a good bit of fleetgaurd cleaner, which is a dark amber color, and half a bottle of PM clear diesel with only 10 gallons of diesel in the tank. I don't understand the orientation of the pins on how to "how-wire" the back of the VP44 Anyone have pics of this or a second explanation? Thanks for all the help guys.
  13. I like Lady Gaga music! Yeah when I crank it jumps up to 15-16 and is just constant. I hooked up a clear fuel line, as suggested by this post https://www.bluechipdiesel.com/runningtests Definitely no air bubbles before the IP I did no start test #2 Power at pin 7, and no power at pin 5 as it should be. Next test is No start #3 I don't understand where to jump start it to exactly... Pin 7's orientation I don't follow from the article. And the ground goes where? Pin 6 ? I have a power wire made up as suggested in the article with a 10 amp inline fuse.
  14. Yeah I got 10 gallons of diesel the last trip home, drove about 8 miles and shut it off. Hasn't started since. So yesterday I drained the tank and put 10 gallons fresh in with the PS additive just in case. Still wouldn't start. Is this a possible ECM issue? With it not starting up when hot, and now just not starting at all ? It is getting fuel to the injectors.
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