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  1. What kind of lockup device do you run? And what gears can you lockup in?
  2. Thanks for all the input. Yes, I will be using it with the auto, but I do have a lock-up switch and can lock up in 2nd-4th. The one I am looking at is vacuum operated made by BD.
  3. Is an exhaust brake really worth the trouble? Simply put.
  4. Sorry for the length of time getting back.Just got back from a 1,000 + mile trip pulling a little 2 horse bumper pull trailer and have some numbers.70mph 4th gear locked 0% grade 65* ambient temp. at about 1800-1900 rpm 800* 10 PSIsame as above with 4-5% grade 900* 15-20 psiEmpty: 65 mph 65* 0% grade 650* 5-6 psiIt seems that I am getting cooler EGT since the ambient temp has gone down. It seems that I have to keep rpm up, even when empty to keep EGT lower than 800 degrees. It seems that my boost will go up to 5psi in a flash, but then will stop and EGT will go up to 800 degrees before boost will start building anymore, especially in low rpm.
  5. Thanks for all the help. I will get some better numbers to fill in. Yes I do have a lock-up switch, and I can lock up in 2nd.
  6. 1st unlocked going up this particular hill just after a switch back, very rough gravel road, around 1900 rpm. Boost was at about 15 PSI.This may be a stupid question, but would moving the fuel plate back cause a little higher injection pressures, sooner, thus helping atomization of fuel and helping bring boost up sooner, creating cooler EGT, especially down low? And would it increase fuel milage? Mopar man would always say hooking up the fuel with an Edge Comp box helped him get better milage.
  7. HX 35 turboDid some pulling last weekend, 16 foot GN with 4 horses, firewood, hay and some gear. As long as I kept the RPM around 2000 EGT were O.K. about 800 degrees or so. As I dropped it into OD in Lock-up, EGT would climb pretty good if going up hill. There was a decent grade on the FS road, but I had it in 1st climbing about 5-10mph and EGT were up to about 900 degrees. Pulled well though.
  8. Does anyone know if these problems I am having could be related to accidently getting 155* marine injectors as opposed to the 145* injectors I was supposed to get. Did some towing yesterday, about 6k lbs. I was running 700-900 degrees running 55-60 on the flats. Once I hit a hill, it would climb to 1,000 which I wouldn't let it get over. I was really only running 15 PSI boost at that. Alittle disappointing.
  9. Well I checked the valves, some of the exhaust valves were a little tight though, don't know if that would make a difference. I did not adjust anything tonight, just ran out of time. I was confused a little by your easy way of adjusting valves, by reading your write-up things were not working like I thought they should, but after realizing that you were turning the engine the correct direction and I was turning it backwards with the alternator, I realized my mistake. Would you recommend setting them, when I have time, to 0.018 and 0.008? Seems like you said that would spool better. Also, I was thinking, if the exhaust valves were too tight, would that cause them to open a little too soon, thus decreasing burn time and power and increasing EGT? Or does the cam prevent that?
  10. Well thanks for all the help, I have to run the truck pretty extensively for the next month or so, after that I will check valves and maybe pull the injectors and have them all pop tested. I will let you know. Valves aren't hard to do are they? I have done a 24 valve but not a 12 valve. Maybe I should check your videos. Will let you know.Thanks
  11. I don't know, but my 12 valve's turbo is alot quieter than my 24 valve was.
  12. In all honesty I did not ask them how they did it, I am assuming they used the timing to locate stock timing. I can call them. I know the previous owner installed a 3gsk, could he have installed it wrong, causing this issue?
  13. Well I had timing reset, but EGT are about the same. I have better low end power and a little better boost on the low end. Idle sound is a lot smoother and starting is easier. EGT will still rise 100 degrees while cruising without boost changing at all.I am happier with truck now even though EGT are still high and power isn't what I had hoped.
  14. Well thanks for the help, I will let you know how it turns out. I had not thought about too far advanced timing actually causing the engine to work harder at low RPM, makes sense though.Thanks again.
  15. Well in my defense, it does run O.K., but I guess it takes quite a bit to make a cummins run badly.The damper was marked before the timing light guys checked it, so they just used that.Why would advanced timing cause high EGT's? Is is just because it can not build the correct amount of boost. I am going to have timing reset to stock which is, I believe 14 degrees if I am reading it right on the badge. I won't be able to do it until next week, will let you know.I thought you were running 14.5 degrees of timing, and I now see 13.5. Is that right?Thanks
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