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  1. well here's an update, I sent the ECU of to Auto computer Specialist, I finally got it back , installed it, did a reset on the APP, the issue is still there and it almost seems like its worse then before. They did claim they fixed the ECU but I'm almost doubting that anything was wrong with it. from ( Auto computer Specialist ) (Our findings: You unit came in, with no 5 volt on pin 3, wait to start circuit was delayed. Flash chip replaced, 6 capacitors, APP pedal, lift pump circuit. all was replaced and repaired as well as your pins & CPU were reflowed, Flashed with latest updates.) i went and looked to see what pin 3 is on the ecu and if im not mistaken its a shield return from the vp44 for the data link wires, which doesn't make sense to me on why there would be a 5 volt there. Yes they may have replaced items but it almost seems like there was nothing wrong with it to begin with. I did some data logging and will attach the logs with the ecu after the update. IM really at a loss now. Any other ideas on what to look for or where to start would definitely be appreciated !! I think ill try unhooking the Quad and see how it runs, its very underpowered with out the quad but im hoping to see if i feel the jerking under heavy load I went out and drove the truck with the quad unplugged completely, the truck drove smooth with no jerking, the only thing was slow throttle response and it was slow and sluggish over all, i Imagine its back in the 200 Hp range without the Quad and that's why it is the way it is. Is there a wiring diagram for the quad wiring for the boost wiring, id like to check and make sure that they're were they need to be. iQuad-2019-06-10-20.15.24.csv
  2. Any recommendations on where the ECU can get sent to be tested, and possibly repaired ?
  3. so i did some more data logging today, With the Quadzillla set to power mode 0, that takes quadzilla out of the equation, but just uses it to just read the data ? Nothing more. if that's how it works then i am still noticing boost drops in stock mode. Since it seem like it does it even with the quad not being part of the factor, is that leaving me with a possible ECM issue, Not properly calibrated, or not updated, or is a driver slowly showing that its almost burnt out ? iQuad-2019-05-22-13.16.59.csv
  4. Well here's an update for you. Reflashed the Quad with the (Final release MPG one), there was a big improvement. Night and day difference. The update just about fixed it, it still tends to do what it was doing but not as bad as it used, just here and there. I went ahead and did some more data logging, but ill go test my J1939 network and make sure its in the correct Ohms range. I imagine if it was out of range I'd have a bunch of other issues and not just with boost. I don't know the speed at which the Launch transfers data but i can find out, see if that changes anything. Scrolling thru the data log, the drops are still there but not as frequent or as big drops like they used to be dropping to 0. iQuad (Run in power mode 4)-2019-05-18-21.27.34.csv iQuad ( run in power Mode 5 )-2019-05-18-21.20.45.csv
  5. I'll try reflasing the quad once again, ill let you know if it works out. Your right about it being 2x, after the conversion 120 inhg turns out to be 58 psi. Now if all my Map wiring is fine, reading properly, the J1939 bus network seems to be fine as well. what else does the quad look at when its reading boost. Is it as simple as Map > to Quad > ( boost fooling ) > then signal is sent back to ECU. is there anything else that could be interrupting the signal along the path. Im not certain what the pervious owner did to the 24v , but what would have happened if he had it flashed with a smarty , would that mess with the quad or not ?
  6. Alright , so you saying I shouldn't have seen those numbers on psi with the quadzilla hooked up due to boost fooling... Nothing over 16 psi with the quad hooked up. So I went and unplugged the quad, unhooked the wiring to the map sensor and hooked in the original engine pigtail to the Map sensor without the quad wiring, ( with the quad wiring I wasn't showing any V. on the scan tool, ) I went back out for a drive to see if my numbers would differ any without the quad being installed or if I would see any sort of change. After driving it and recording it there was no change in numbers with or without the quadzilla installed, still went up to 30 psi, under wot I'd get it steady increase and doesn't jump around . With me getting the same numbers with and without the quad, is that leaning more towards the quad ? I also did a sensor state change on the map pigatil while watching my scan tool, unplugged it was showing 0 V, I jumped the 5 V to the signal wire and the scan tool showed 5v, the psi also changed from 0 to 120 ish, so im seeing the ECU does notice the changes and responds accordingly.
  7. I have 2 map sensors, my Dodge ECM and engine harness are completely un touched , it has nothing in common with the Ford side . I'm only feeding power and ground into the two connectors on the driver's side to make the Dodge Ecm working. For the Ford side I made a separate map sensor location into the intake manifold, oil pressure is separate, the two ecu's don't share anything. The bus network is kept to thier own separate network channels. Nothing extra is added to the Dodge Ecm J1939 network. I kept the Ford ECM to help with the transmission but it's completely separate as well, I have tried reflashing the unit, sent it back to quadzilla as well to get it tested and they said it tested fine. The launch does read up to 30 psi in the first video on the Dodge map sensor and so does the Ford map sensor, they both read pretty close to the same valves at any given boost, the quadzilla is the only one that is being interrupted even thou I'm pulling same info off the same j1939 bus as the quadzilla at the same time as the quadzilla but getting separate readings. I'll definitely go back over my engine harness but it just doesn't make sense on why on two different map sensors / different PCM/ecm I'm getting similar readings vs on the quadzilla it's completely off
  8. Im attaching the data log, i ran this one with the pin off as it is a 99 engine. iQuad-2019-05-16-21.54.47.csv i also screen recorded the quad while i drove it down the road, the way the boost jumps around is what confuses me. one second im reading the correct boost being produced then it drops almost to nothing and comes back up. if there's any suggestions on what might be causing this i would love to hear it. IMG_5999.TRIM.MOV
  9. so i played with the little tab on the quad circuit board if it matters , when i jump the the two pins, the boost takes longer to show but when it does show, it builds steady up to 30psi, the truck pulls at higher rpms once the quad starts seeing the steady boost coming in ( it doesn't drop out to 0 psi like it does when its just on one pin ) , i also checked resistance on quadzillas wiring harness between the Map sensor and the circuit board and the J1939 connection and circuit board and everything was either between 0 ohms to .02 ohms which is fine. there was also no short circuits between the wires. made sure there wasn't any loose connections, everything seemed like it should be, im starting to run out of ideas.
  10. the scan tool is reading from the same location the quadzilla is reading from under the hood.
  11. I uploaded the video of the data log to YouTube now my scan tool is programed to show Inhg but its actually reading PSI, i have compared it to my Ford Map sensor and the readings are identical, The sensor for my dodge is a new cummins MAP sensor, that was the first item changed. There is times that both my Launch and the quadzilla will show the same boost readings for a split sec, and that was in the 25-30 psi range before the quadzilla looses the signal.
  12. I understand that the quadzilla reads on the J1939 up until 16 psi, after 16 psi it reads directly from the sensor but regardless where its reading from , i could be pushing 20 psi but the quad won't see it, it will still read something entirely different then what the actual number is. both my MAP could be reading 28 and the quadzilla will say 17 psi then jumps to 28 then to 0 and so on, ill work on getting a video link or something posted so you can see what I'm talking about
  13. Hey Guys, I've tried researching this but haven't had any luck, I have a 1999 24V installed into a 2008 F350. Im currently running the Quadzilla adrenaline V2 in the truck. The issue I've been running into is my boost readings on the quadzilla side are inconsistent and cause the truck to ramp up then fall on its face, and over again. I say quadzilla side because i tapped into the J1939 connection, ( 3 Pin Deutsch connector ) and monitored what my Dodge ecu was seeing and what my Ford PCM was seeing. (My wiring harness are separate (ford /Dodge ) from one another and are NOT intertwined and are not sharing information from the same sensors.) But my readings from both the PCM and ECU are the same and both of those are reading what the current boost is but the quadzilla on bluetooth is reading 0 then jumps to 16 then jumps back to 5 then 0 causing confusion for the Quad. Ive tried pulling the little tab off the quadzilla that is inside the box, that didn't change anything, I've checked the connections and they seem fine. The only reading coming back inconsistent is the Boost reading, all other sensors are reading what they're supposed too. Ive also sent the Quadzilla back to get it tested and they said it tested fine. Im starting to run out of ideas on what it might be, any suggestions would be appreciated.
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