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  1. Hey all, Sorry for the lack of responses from me, been a busy week. Been in touch with Quadzilla Tech and they have been somewhat helpful but not a whole lot. I decided to unplug the Quadzilla from my map sensor and let the truck run factory. Runs a lot better than before and can actually go up hills and have some throttle response. I am thinking there is an issue with the Quadzilla or the harness not getting the signal but I haven't checked it yet, been too busy. Thanks for ideas on how to probe the sensor without the scan tool. Hope everyone has a good Friday, thanks again!
  2. I went ahead and checked that pin on inside of the quadzilla and it was correct. Currently raining here so not going to be doing my testing today but I did have some questions. It says using a scan tool in the first couple steps to check voltages, do I just skip it or is there another way to do it without the scan tool?
  3. Oh alrighty I was under the impression you needed the reader for it. Sorry for misunderstanding. I'll try to do it tonight if I have time once I'm home and I'll also check the box. Quadzilla responded so I'll see what they say too. Thanks again.
  4. I don't have access to a DRBIII. They scan it and that's about it. I might have a friend that runs a shop that could help since he just got a new scanner. I got a response from Quadzilla support now so hopefully something can be figured out. I did buy it new, and have doubled checked my map wiring.
  5. So the code P0237. I went ahead and bought a map sensor. Truck definitely moves better and is not as sluggish but the quadzilla still doesn't show any boost. My app says the max was 6 but the data log I am only seeing lots zeros. Don't really understand why it is not showing boost. What to do next? Tempted to just put the edge back in but with everyone saying the Quadzilla is that much better I do not want to.
  6. Sweet! Sounds like a plan. My local O'reilly's says they have a MAP sensor in stock with the lifetime warranty blah blah blah. If codes point to that I will probably just buy it and see. Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it. I'll let you know the turn out once I am home. I do miss scanning codes with my edge haha.
  7. Honestly a great thought. Could you recommend me a map sensor, if I recall, it was around 90 bucks or so for a "Cummins" one but a quick google search puts some as cheap as 20 for some other brand.
  8. Gotcha. I'll have to go get codes scanned then. Be a shame to have it go bad so fast. Would changing tuner really cause an issue like that? Just frustrated at this point. Thanks for trying to help at least. I'm not the best at this stuff.
  9. Would these show up with the key cycle method? I replaced my map sensor with a Cummins one off Geno's Garage in July 2018.
  10. My boost was accurate before I thought, never really acted up. I doubled check my wiring but I don't have po237 code for the map sensor.
  11. Sorry I thought I put it a data log in here but I guess not. I'll add it this time. I was running default tunes, tried your economy tune and then a fun daily tune uploaded by @Me78569. All of them just didn't feel right. It just I didn't lack this power like this before the Quadzilla. Like I constantly downshift and a hill I normally shift into 3rd on leaving this house, I had to go into 2nd and barely make it up. I know my gearing is a problem in general but I know something else must be wrong. P1693 if I remember correctly I will go double check again but I thought I did it all right. Turbo is good. Don't think wastegate is stuck. I don't have a boost leak tester but ill check my boots I guess. iQuad-2019-04-14-01.24.071943673184.csv
  12. Yeah I know I am all messed up there but I went from making 30lbs of boost with my edge to 0lbs with the quadzilla. Just wondering if there is something in the software or wiring I need to check? I hear the turbo spool for a bit at lower rpms but then it never ramps up past a certain point. My data log also shows 0 boost recorded no matter what and thats with 100% throttle at some points. Is a re-gear hard?
  13. Oh alrighty. I guess I will have to do this the next time around. That's a bummer it is not in the instructions or anything.
  14. Well, that's poopy. Would have been nice to know that from the get go... Shame to spend all this money and have it go to waste... Regardless, its replaceable, any idea on lack of power? Would like to get my truck going well before the work week.
  15. The bottom that threads in is a snubber that came with it from Power Driven Diesel. So you're saying that I am out $70 for the sensor that came with it? Also any input with regards to lack of power even with the different tunes?
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