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  1. Bosch. So many forums with different opinions. I thought the fuel gelled. Again going off of a few guys opinions. Might not have. I changed filter, drained fuel and went from there. Think I would have learned from the first time, instead I took a few more opinions, and bought those injectors and feed tubes. I thought the damage, if any, could have been done due to an injector stuck open. Very new to the diesel world. Hoping it could be something other than rings...
  2. Truck jelled up during this winter. As I thought Plug it in every night and everywhere I went. Got in at one evening -5°, white smoke, miss, blow by, ran like dog. Drained tank, new fuel filter, new fuel, clean. new injectors, feed tubes, it’s all in correct, and it’s the same. I was leaning towards sensors. This truck has some major issues with electrical. Diesel world is new to me, I can wrench, just can’t seem to make money grow on trees. Need the work horse back and somewhere to start. Hope I’m in the right place.
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